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What are your favorite games?

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The Last of Us
Dishonored1 & 2
Assassins Creed : Black Flag
Fallout 4

And I like Planetside 2 for some reason even if I DO recognize that's it is not really that great! :)


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Dragon Age (esp. DA2 - bite me, haters!).

Haha, I feel you on this, but I'll admit that I hated it right up until I didn't. It was just such an upheaval of expectations that you reeeaaallllly had to give it some time to warm up to it. But I eventually did, enough that I still occasionally use The Hanged Man's theme as my ringtone. :)

Anyway, my favorite game in recent memory is Abzû. Weird, chill, beautiful little game.



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Dragon Age: Inquisition, Skyrim, and some casual WoW on the computer. Going more old school, SimCity (like SimCity 2000 version), and some of the old PopCap games such as Bejeweled.

RPG - HERO system, WOIN.
Computer - Rock Band 4, Lego Dimensions, Diablo 3
Card/board - Pathfinder Adventure card game, LOTR living card game, Sentinels of the Multiverse.


Staff member
Computer: don't know that I have a favorite among all the arcade & computer games I've played. I mean, many come to mind, but none is clearly the winner.
Card/Board: M:tG
Sports (play): soccer, volleyball, bowling
Sports (watch): hockey, NFL football

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