D&D 5E What big thing is supposed to be next week?


The news on the front page includes...to tide us all over until next week. Do not miss next week. Really. Don't.

This is a second time I've read what appeared to be a big hint of something big is coming from WotC (last time it said in a few weeks). I can't recall where I read the first hint, but it got my attention. It seems like they are bursting at the seams to tell us something, but have to wait. Either that, or I'm chasing shadows.

So what could it be? What is coming next week? Or am I simply reading too much into this?

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El Mahdi

Muad'Dib of the Anauroch
It could be an official anouncement of 5E or 5E development.

Or they might be anouncing they've discovered the true secret of the Mayan calender...or cracked the DaVinci Code...

Or maybe the D&D brand is being sold to Goerge Lucas...!!!:eek:

El "not Nostradamus" Mahdi:D
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Yeah, probably not 5E. It would be bigger than that. Maybe the virtual tabletop, otherwise probably something Dragon- or DDI-related.


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So here would be the most EPIC things I could conceive:

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em: World of Warcraft TRPG produced by WoTC

If you're sick of losing, beat 'em at their own game:
WoTC announces a partnership with a major MMO distributor, D&D MMO v2.0

REUNIFY TO GROW! - OGL updated to all relevant 1e/2e/4e materials

Cross pollinate - Dragonlance the TRPG, it's not 5e, but it's a 4e REBOOT

COMPETE - The Eberron campaign setting search was amazing, do it again! 4E style!!!

Reality check? Well, I'm guessing they're pushing in the direction of Facebook, expanding upon Heroes of Neverwinter, and launching the power of the VTT in a easy-to-use social media interface and SPLICING it with the D&D Encounters and D&D Lair Assault Programs to make these interfaces all "pre-built" for use and running in the social media space where all your successes count towards some kind of social media organized play program. (Note the countdown on the D&D Encounters on WoTC's site with less than 365 days?...)

Reality check v2.0? DUNGEON COMMAND - the relaunch of the D&D minis line in the form of DM tools to give them what they need to run awesome 3D in-person games.

Regardless, all the best at building and growing an important brand to our community and hobby!

Good gaming!


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Hoping for the official announcement of the new 2012 campaign setting and how Menzo really is just a stand alone Paragon product with this year's tile and mini support.


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I'm predicting the Vatican will be announcing the Pope's new Ad&D game, launching a search for players for World Youth Week 2012.


Considering that D&DXP (basically D&D CON) is late this month, I can't imagine them making an announcement like 5e now - they'd do it then. Hell, I'm surprised they're making any announcement with D&DXP at the end of the month.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em: World of Warcraft TRPG produced by WoTC
[ame=http://www.amazon.com/World-Warcraft-Roleplaying-Game-d20/dp/1588467813]It's already been done[/ame]. Granted, WotC didn't publish it, and unless the sales of d20 Warcraft were epic, then there's little reason for WotC to go there.

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