What Core Races have you played?

I have/have not played:

  • I have played a Human

    Votes: 263 95.6%
  • I have never played a Human

    Votes: 9 3.3%
  • I have played a Dwarf

    Votes: 203 73.8%
  • I have never played a Dwarf

    Votes: 61 22.2%
  • I have played an Elf

    Votes: 212 77.1%
  • I have never played an Elf

    Votes: 50 18.2%
  • I have played a Half-Elf

    Votes: 161 58.5%
  • I have never played a Half-Elf

    Votes: 100 36.4%
  • I have played a Half-Orc

    Votes: 120 43.6%
  • I have never played a Half-Orc

    Votes: 127 46.2%
  • I have played a Halfling

    Votes: 172 62.5%
  • I have never played a Halfling

    Votes: 89 32.4%

A Passing Maniac

First Post
I voted human (a half-dozen or so occasions) and halfling (on two occasions), remembering that my kobold was reincarnated as a half-elf only after voting. I've also played a gnome, though most of my characters venture into odder territory, including a bugbear, a warforged, several vanaras, and the aforementioned kobold.

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I have played human and dwarven characters. I've never played one of the others you listed (except one pretty crap campaign where I played an elven cleric for about four sessions, which I don't count), primarily because I find the Tolkienesque races intensely boring unless they're reinvented a la Eberron.

I have also played a Gnome

I knew I had never played an elf before but after answering the poll I have come to relieze I have never played an 1/2 Orc either. Curious......


First Post
Of the core races I've only played a Human and have felt no desire to play any of the others. The first non human race I've had the desire to play is the Warforged, I got to play one for about 5 posts of a play by post campaign. Didn't even get to try to fight anything.


First Post
I've played 'em all. Half-orcs are my favorite. (As you can imagine, I have no love for 4e.) However, it's hard to say which I've played the most because I tend to DM more than play. I'd wager that would be humans.

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