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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Gnomes- especially the “tinker”/“artificer” types would be focused more on cooking in innovative ways. A gnomish salamander might actually have a salamander in it. They would experiment with explosives for rapid cooking. Etc.
I don't normally go in for the more comic side of tinker gnomes, but certainly some of that would work even in my games, yeah.

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Re: lizardfolk and other scaly races

I bet some prefer their meats a little fermented or aged...

Meats fermented in earth will differ in flavor & texture from those fermented in water or hung on racks to dry.

And the appeal of their cuisine to other races may be limited.

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
“The cook has offered me something he’s calling...‘pepper poppers’ as an appetizer.”

“The cook’s a gnome, right?”


“Pass. HARD pass. And don’t jostle the plate...”
Yeah, exactly that. It's funny, and I delight in the puns and such in writing about Dragonlance gnomes. I recall some suppliment or other talked at lenght about a gnomish "inter-net" or "world wide web" or somesuch, that was strings tied to every other gnome, that you could pull on to find a gnome, or some such nonsense. It was hilarious, and every other phrase had at least one pun, building on eachother until there were puns that only made sense having read previous puns that only made sense in the context of Dragonlance Gnomes and their weird mountain home. Brilliant work of comedy.

But it's a kind of comedy that doesn't work for my group and I, in play, so we don't use it. For us to care about a gnomish character, gnomes cannot be just silly pun-vehicles.


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It doesn’t have to be played for slapstick 24/7, for sure. Such things might just be a portion of their cuisine. Not all Scottish food is haggis or pickled earthworms in aspic, after all. Not all Africans eat mopane caterpillars ot termites, and those that do eat other things as well.


For me, Dwarfs love mushrooms and roots, and treat greens, fruit, like we treat spices, rather than thinking of them as food by themselves.
I had my dwarfs eating and drinking German food for the most part. Beer was typically consumed with every mean but hard liquor reserved for special occasions. They had a few farmers who lived on the surface growing grain and they also traded fundaments, precious stones, and metals for food. Cod was an especially popular food since there just weren't many dwarven sailors and they didn't live by the sea.


A suffusion of yellow
IMC I had a gnoll ‘love’ ode which includes the words
My mate, your stench is like a week old kill that is hung from a tree to rot
Many are those who gather to contend for its meat, but I will strike them all down around me
I will tear out the bellies of our enemies and lay their liver before you
and together we will eat the contents of their stomachs!

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