What games are you playing over the holidays?

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Old Fezziwig

What this book presupposes is -- maybe he didn't?
A lot of Football Manager 24 (I've got Oxford United in the Premier League somehow and am waiting for the other shoe to drop), and I'm preparing to run The One Ring for my buddy. Might try a pass at Strider mode to get used to the rules/rhythm a little bit.


Mod Squad
Staff member
Not playing any RPGs over the holidays. I have the week off while my wife does not, so while she's working I'm doing chores and reading through the Old Gods of Appalachia RPG, in hopes of running it soon.

Played a bit of Gloomhaven over the past weekend, likely going to a boardgame-centered New Years Eve gathering.


He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
Welp, I thought today would be the day I kept a Jenner safe on the battlefield. Fully armored, then head hit...

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