What games are you playing over the holidays?


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I'm fortunate to be able to take a longer break from work over the Christmas/New Years holidays. Games are always part of the gifts given and playing games is part of how my family enjoys the holidays. It is also a time where friends visit from out of state.

Yesterday I got together with old high school friends to play a one shot Warhammer Fantasy 1st edition game run by the son of a friend of mine.

For board games, some new games received that we are playing are Wavelength and the Trolly Game. I also finally got Pandemic, which I've played before but never owned.

For video games, I finished Baldurs Gate 3 and son got Spider Man 2 for christmas, so we've been playing that.

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I am playing Battletech today actually. We meet every Thursday evening, but today folks are taking advantage of holiday time off and getting together much sooner.

Over the coming weekend im heading to the family cabin with my brothers. We plan to get in our yearly round of Dead of Winter. Probably get in some other BGs too.


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Finished my second play through of BG3. Thought about a Dark Urge run as a paladin but I’m likely going to pause a while.

Today I just bought Wasteland 3 to try another genre of isometric CRPG.

My usual weekly PF2e game is on Monday, so we cancelled on Christmas and couldn't find another night during the week that worked out for everyone. Since I was able to get 5 players tonight, I'm running the adventure in the MCDM RPG playtest packet tonight so excited to see how that goes.


Managed to play the card game Cribbage at the scout game night last night. Then we played the weekly D&D game with the addition of my son home from college and my brother's 8 year old who got to play a NPC that was part of the dungeon.


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I forgot, "Santa" gave a the game "Dungeon" to my son and we played that. Nice thing about having a kid into games is that Dad gets to enjoy the toys as well.


We've played some D&D. For board games, Dixit, Mindwave, Trivial Pursuit, Blockbuster Video, Betrayal at the House on the Hill (3rd edition), Call of Cthulhu Pandemic, Quacks of Quedlinburgh, and I just got Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to Town, so we are hoping to try that tonight or tomorrow.

No RPGs for me during the holidays (I‘m doing a bit of reading, though) - family time is usually board game time. These days, we’re mostly playing Cascadia, Ticket to Ride, Azul, and Munchkin (Pirates and Legends).

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