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D&D 5E What Genre of Fantasy would fit an Adventure in the Abyss?

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That's some amazing and disturbing imagery! So... thank you?

If I wasn't clear, I apologize, but I was actually looking for you to inject yourself into the question. Yeah, I'm working on something, but I was trying to frame the question about you. I am curious how folks answer the question for themselves, not ideally or what's pragmatic or whatever, but personally.

How would you different a Lovecraftian inspired Abyss-centric adventure vs. a Lovecraftian inspired Far Realms/abberation focused adventure? Or would you at all?
The abyss would be you got sucked into the void and are out there with all the Elder Gods and thier Children.

I've thought about running an Abyssal campaign before and have done a good bit of research on layers of the Abyss.


The 4E Demonomicon detailed this city, Morglon-Daar, as a kind of port on the first layer of the Abyss ruled by a public council of yugoloths, a hidden shadow government called the Priory of Rot, and a merchant lord named Packaos, who looks like a teenaged halfling but is apparently immortal. It might be fun to run a campaign where the PCs work for Packaos to deliver and retrieve shipments throughout the few settlements and cities of the Abyss, perhaps via spelljammer (that surely will sometimes have to make crash landings or deal with flying demons, airborne hazards, and chaos ships). It would be a convenient way to showcase the layers of the Abyss and locales such as Xhubhullosk, a settlement of mortals trapped in Zuggtmoy's layer of Shedaklah who are overseen by insane myconids.

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