What is a supported OSR game?


Reeks of Jedi
By this I mean, has adventures/modules.

Like i love Shadowdark but it's "adventures" are small 5 room dungeons. Kelsey has teased a big adventure might be coming down the pike but that's later.

Does Castles and Crusades have any? I know they are doing to old Gygax stuff that's "coming". I eagerly await those.

Only one that pops to mind might be OSE. Yes? Any good ones?

I've come to realize I hate trying to make a story campaign. I'm fine make a village with a dungeon nearby and making the dungeon and wilderness bigger and bigger but when it comes to story... meh. I'd rather just run a premade adventure.

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I feel OSE has indeed become the current go-to system if you want to market your OSR adventures. Older systems that had or have more attention are Swords&Wizardry (among others, you can get quite a bit of stuff from Frog God Games for it), Labyrinth Lord and Lamentations of the Flame Princess (tends to be a bit edgier, but does indeed have a larger collection of adventures).
Now the differences between OSR systems are typically small enough that you can easily convert between system (at least for those systems that don't stray too far from B/X D&D). And there's also system neutral stuff like Hot Springs Island that you could run.
The only caveat I see is that many OSR adventures or campaigns I have read are a lot more open/sandboxy than the typical modern adventure path/story-driven campaign. I tend to see that as a plus, but of course, sometimes there's the downside that players don't find enough actionable stuff to keep them motivated (especially if they come from a 5e background).


Reeks of Jedi
C&C has loads of adventures modules. OSE has some award-winning adventures. Swords and Wizardry has tons of content. Basic Fantasy as well.

And it's all pretty much interchangeable with very minor modifications.

How easy is it to convert something to C&C? What about old 1E modules?


How easy is it to convert something to C&C? What about old 1E modules?
C&C uses positive AC and attack bonuses, but once you get the formula down, it's not really difficult to convert on the fly. Saving throws are tied to ability scores, so for example, you might need to say that 1e "poison save" should be a "Constitution save," etc. There are skill checks like most d20-based games, so you won't be using thief skills, etc.
C&C PCs are lower power than what you'd find in more modern D&D style games - so the HP should be pretty good to port over.
My friend is currently running "Against the Cult of the Reptile God" (1e) in C&C, making almost no changes.
Also, the core rulebook is free in PDF here ... https://trolllord.com/product/cc-players-handbook-7th-printing-alternate-cover-free-pdf/
It's worth at least taking a look at to see if it's your thing.

Simon Miles

Creator of the World of Barnaynia FRPG setting
I always thought the idea of OSR was tidying up the original rules, streamlining them or just unmuddling them, so that pretty much any resource will run with any system? Certainly, my go-tos are OSE Advanced, Osric and AD&D 1st ed and I very rarely have to change anything in any of the resources I pick up. My fave is Osric - everything in one place and easy to find, but our product range will run with any of the OSRs we have tried and AD&D 1st and 2nd edition... www.dunrominuniversitypress.co.uk.


How easy is it to convert something to C&C? What about old 1E modules?

Very easy. You just use the C&C stats.

Say you buy an OSE adventure. 20 goblins become 20 C&C goblins.

I'm running C&C tomorrow night it's one of the easier OSR products to teach to 5E players.

2 player game turned into 5. Had a new player join last week grokked is fairly easily session 1 at least on a basic level.


Front Range Warlock
If there isn't a C&C analogue for a 1e character or creature, you may also need to convert 1e AC (descending) to C&C AC (ascending), but it's really easy to do on the fly. Everything else is pretty much 1:1 (no real conversion needed).

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