What is the single best science fiction or fantasy franchise?


Hmm. I've been thinking long and hard and haven't gotten a definite answer. By which I mean definite for myself. There's no such thing as an objective definitive answer to the original question. Unless one has access to Collosson the Numberwang computer, and I don't.

So anyway in no particular order, here's some of my faves.

Babylon 5 gets an honourable mention. 5 seasons. 3 very good. 1 very rushed, thanks TV executives. 1 that had me going "Shouldn't this stuff have happened before season 4?" Again, thanks executives. But seasons 4 & 5 were still good overall. Also one of the best rivalries/enmities in sci-fi.

Yeah, there was the spin-off sequel. Never saw it so I don't have to have my dreams squashed.

Firefly. Half an excellent season. The movie was good but felt rushed in comparison to the TV show. I mean, it had to be cos what did they have? 100 minutes? And it was the best conclusion we were going to get. But rushed is rushed.

Middle Earth. Lord of the Rings is one of my all time favourite reads. Yes, adult me is aware that it is problematic. Also love The Silmarillion, we just gotta ignore that first bit with angels and creation and whatnot. The Hobbit, obviously its a very different vibe from LotR. Tolkien just sorta decided to lump Hobbits into his history of the Noldor. But it worked out for the best, who doesn't love Sam?

The LotR movies are good, but not great. They have significant pacing issues. What do mean the books also have pacing issues!?! How dare you (point out the obvious inconsistency in my opinion.) The Hobbit movies are just dross. There's pacing issues, then there's whatever the eff happened here. Haven't seen Rings of Power but a good friend has told me it's good. I'm pretty sure I'll like it when I see it.

Marvel movies/TV. Ya know, considering the number entries, this has been a surprisingly good franchise. Yeah a few duds. But not many. For consistency this beats out Star Wars/Trek by a long way.

New Battlestar Galactica. But only if we stop at the end of season 2.

I reserve the right to come back and share more of my opinions in the future.

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How many franchises outside of Trek, Star Wars, Potter or LotR have more than a few series?

Do you cherry pick the hghs and ignore the lows, do it as a %?

Stargate batting 2/3.

Potters not my thing but each movie was decent?

MCUa probably batting around 50/50 now as well. Does a show with 3 or 4 decent seasons no cack count?


Could be Hobbit/LotR/Silmarillion. I love the books, but the middle movie makes me sad, I haven't seen the Hobbit movies, or TV series.

Marvel Comics/MCU has a lot of diamonds, but so so many of the comics over the decades (over all of its decades) have been hot garbage.

The Watchmen original series is magnificent. The movie is better than I had hoped it would be (which isn't saying much). But I haven't been able to bring myself to read the prequel comics or see the TV series yet.

Star Wars if it was just IV, V, VI, Rogue One, Andor (so far), the Marvel Comics series, the toys, and the Dave Dorman covers for the Dark Empire series. (I assume some other parts of it are great, but the Holiday Special and several of the other movies are not).

I loved the Dark Angel TV series, but let's be serious. And, iirc, two of the three novels were meh.

Blade Runner?

Edit: Ooh. Mary Poppins. Both of the Disney movies and the original books.
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The Watchmen TV series is really worth watching, IMO. Damon Lindeloff understands the source material a lot more than Zach Snyder does, IMO, despite Snyder attempting a panel-by-panel recreation of the comic. (Really effective in the Minutemen montage at the beginning of the movie.)
Snyder is great with shot composition, not with theme or character.

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