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D&D General What is your favorite Class?

Greg K

  • 1e: I liked the Ranger (following the UA additions) and Thief. I liked the theme and class abilities.
    • David Howery's revised Barbarian from Dragon Magazine as it fixed issues with the official version and made for a nice non-spellcasting wilderness warrior and supported cultural variations .
  • 2e.
    • Cleric: I liked Domains and, as a DM tool, The Complete Priest's Handbook. I
    • Ranger (see 1e)
    • Thief (especially, with the Complete Thief's Handbook) for tailoring the class to fit many thief archetypes
    • several of the classes in Mayfair Games's Witches: It better fit many spellcasters from pre-D&D influences
  • 3e.
    • Green Ronin's Psychic: Finally, a class whose mechanics felt closer to how things worked in Firestarter, X-men, and some other sources that escape me right now.
    • Green Ronin's Shaman: Mechanically, it still my favorite take. It didn't focus the class on totems. It recognized that different cultures often associate different spirits to different characteristics (e.g. Healing, Trickery). The spell list felt thematically appropriate and the book looked at "shamans" from different cultures and did a good examination of the overall topic.
    • Green Ronin's Witch: Again my favorite witch class. It covered a wide variety of "witches" from myth, legends, and fantasy stories, and modern tradtitions. The spell list theme felt appropriate. Also, it did a good job of looking at themes associated with certain witchcraft traditions
    • Barbarian (with UA cultural weapons variant, Crafty hunter, and Favored Environment variants) as they allowed for many cultural variants
    • Cleric: if using the DMG variant: Tailored Spell Lists and UA variant: Cloistered Cleric. It allowed for customization of the class to better a variety of deities.
    • Rogue w/ UA Martial and Wilderness variants as the variants allowed the class to better model a wide variety of rogues archetypes from stories, tv, movies,
  • 4e:
    • Fighter and Rogue for the interesting class abiities and builds
    • Ranger for allowing for a non-magical version.
  • 5e.
    • the Bard: finally, a version that fits the pre-D&D bards from myth and legends, and books such as the Mists of Avalon
    • The Fighter (Battlemaster) for its customization and maneuvers.
    • Khaalis's Light Armored Fighter variant for handling the Light Armored Warrior as I envision them based on movies

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Enrico Poli1

BECMI: 1) Fighter, 2) Wizard
AD&D2e: 1) Fighter, 2) Wizard
D&D3.5: 1) Crusader, 2) Wizard
Pathfinder1e: 1) Barbarian, 2) Wizard (Diviner)
D&D5e: 1) Paladin (Devotion), 2) Wizard (Diviner)

So, there IS a pattern! 😄


Out of all of the Classes from every edition, which Class if your favorite and why?

B/X: Magic-User
-- Just love the art of every MU ever drawn for it. Oh, and d4hp, AC9 and 1 spell at level 1. What can I say? I like to play on Hardcore Mode. ;)

BECMI: Halfling
-- Not sure...just love the little guys!

1e AD&D: Paladin or Magic-User (toss up)
-- Paladin; Love the RP'ing challenge! MU; Love the spell lists potential...and using spells "outside the box".

2e AD&D: Cleric (...probably; didn't play much 2e, only a few years)
-- Specialty Clerics were a cool addition.

Hackmaster 4e: ...I don't think I've ever actually PLAYED it...only DM. But... I'd go with Blood Mage or Berserker.
-- Blood Mage...I mean... c'mon! Who wouldn't want to play this at least once? Berserker...in a game called HACKMASTER. Yes please!

3e D&D: None...they all sucked.
-- ...although I did like Monks with their special ability of "Flurry of Misses". That was fun. ;)

4e: ...avoided like the plague...
-- ... ... ...

5e: Fighter
-- Simplicity of the Fighter (Champion). Simplicity of a single "focus". No muss, no fuss...and actual Armour matters again.


Paul L. Ming

only player 5e but for some reason, I love monk and badly want to learn how to fix it into its full potential, also I oddly like half casters but find neither of the options really my jam.


I can be guilty of being a bit lazy in terms of bookkeeping, so tend to avoid wizards.
In 1E I played fighters, paladins and rogues. By 3e, I also played bards and rangers too, and have stuck by this, but dabbled in sorcerer too.
My last two characters, in games run by @TheSword have been a bard and a ranger.


Great Old One
I've always loved Wizards and Rogues, in that order, but when I could get the two combined, it was fantastic, and in the end the bard made a wonderful combination, so:
  • BECMI: Magic-User
  • AD&D: Magic-User / Thief
  • 3e: Wizard, Arcane Trickster, Bard
  • 4e: A bit of an exception here, but the Swordmage was brilliant, as well as the Warlord (but this goes to show hoe 4e classes are soooo different, wizards in 4e did not feel at all wizardy to me)
  • 5e: Bard, although I must admit that I love the 5e paladins as well


I can't decide, so I'll go with Fighter since my first character was a fighter and I do love the aesthetics. A shame that I skipped 4e, because I probably would have loved that version. I guess the runner-up would be 1e's Thief-Acrobat. Then there's wizards, paladins, rangers, sorcerers, rogues, druids, etc.


For me in 5e Rangers, Rogues, Fighters and Sorcerers are great fun to play. Quite often I will multi-class though. I think a Ranger-Sorcerer is great fun, has lots of options and feels like a really competent character.


I'd probably say Paladin across all editions, but Warlord was a close second in 4E.

On the topic of emulating 4E style classes (or at least, 4E style AED powers) in 5E, I thought one fairly simple way to do it is to gestalt a class that has mostly short rest abilities with another class that has mostly long rest abilities. So far, I've homebrewed two "elite" classes based on a Paladin/Battlemaster Fighter and a Four Elements Monk/Bladesinger Wizard.


I was surprised by how much I enjoyed playing a Cleric in my last 5E game. With Chainmail and shield, I could back up the primary tank in melee. Or cast heals to keep other party members on their feet. Or use spells to damage the enemy directly.

I think it would be fun to play a Bard the next time I join a table—especially if it’s a group of mostly new player’s. I like the idea of handing out buffs to everyone else, and watch them enjoy being awesome on their next turn.


Elder Thing
Mage/thief, from 2e. I like being sneaky, I like being able to use a reasonable weapon, and I like the flexibility of a spellbooks instead of the goofy "spells known" limitation.

No edition since has provided the same experience.


Ranger warlock sorcerer assassin barbarian avenger

That order.
I like story based alternate versions of socially standard classes.

It's extremely hard to pick a single class, so I'm not going to (sorry of that's breaking the rules). My three favorite classes, all from 4e, are Paladin, Sorcerer, and Warlord. Generic disclaimer, this is all IMO, YMMV, etc.

Paladin is, for me, the most on-theme version of the class we've ever gotten. Lay on Hands got a version that ACTUALLY sacrifices something, the Divine Challenge and Divine Sanction make a great deal of sense thematically, the class is about being a champion of a deity and not a moral policeman, and it's INCREDIBLY flexible, able to go half-striker, full-leader, or even dabble pretty well in soft control effects.

Sorcerer is just a lot of fun. It feels like a real blaster, like you've got a powerful force inside you waiting to be let out. Chaos, if that's your thing, feels genuinely pretty random, and has all sorts of teleportation and tricksy things. Dragon and Cosmic make you bruisers, the former more straightforward, the latter more complex. Storm is a surprisingly group-supportive striker, and really gives the feel of riding the lightning in the right contexts. And then the Elementalist is the first true, honest-to-Bahamut ACTUALLY SIMPLE caster I've ever seen--much simpler than any version of Warlock ever made. Sorcerer has something to offer to almost anyone interested in being a heavy hitter (as long as you aren't allergic to being openly magical).

Warlord...it's the epitome of 4e design. Excellent support class, made it not just useful, not just fun, but AWESOME to support people. It isn't just a Brother Bactine, it's a **-kicking, force-multiplying powerhouse. It recognizes that every mental stat--Int, Wis, *or Cha--can be useful for leadership in the right context, and toward the latter half of 4e's run, it could genuinely support a mostly or entirely "Lazy" build if that was your thing (though that really wasn't its best performance, just an option permitted, eventually). While it couldn't be relied on to bring mega heals like a Cleric, it could do all the basic support concepts a full-support class should do, hence people called it a "full Cleric replacement."

If I had to pick a favorite Controller...I dunno, I wasn't as well-versed with them as the other three roles.


Jewel of the North
Rogues and Fighters all the way! Screw you, resource management! :p

In 4e, I loooooved the weirdo classes that only existed in 4e's vaccum: executioner, battlemind, and vampire.

Conceptually, druid would be my favorite class, but the one in 5e is too much focused on shapeshift, which I dont like, and all archetypes are pretty lame when compared to Moon. So I'm still waiting for a druid design that would please me....I'm a tough crowd. (the one from 4e was pretty fun, so was the shaman).

Argyle King

Hmm... tough to pick one, but I have a few top contenders.

3E/Pathfinder: Bard or Druid
4E: Cha-Warlord from the PHB
5E: Oath of Ancients Paladin

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