What is your favorite monster?

Hi there! :)

Dark Eternal said:
Somehow, I feel I should have expected something like that from U.K.... :)

Hmm. Now that I think about it, I might very well agree with him.

Demogorgan... Terrasque... Demogorgon... Terrasque...

Tough call.


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Humans. No question whatsoever. Humans every time.

Shapeshifters and shapestealers are good for the occasional giggle, villains who can breathe water or fly have a certain charm. But humans are where it's at.



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oh yes the Slivers look great and will have a place in my next campaign.

Purple Worms I like as well but that may be because I'm a big Tremors fan.

Dragon. Well they're dragon that's why I like them.


How can you pick just one?!!!

I love so many monsters... maybe that is why I keep buying those monster books! :p

Where to begin? For some reason I have always liked the oozes and jellies... Also like abominations... Mind Flayers.. and on and on...


The Bulette has long been my #1 favorite.

As for weaker monsters, Gnolls and Lizardmen are group favorites. At the powerful end of the scale, the Atropal and the Gloom from the ELH are very, very cool.



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I've always loved the mimic. I got to pull it on a player the other night who had never encountered one. Great fun!

I also like to use rust monsters on my players, but when I'm a player, I hate them, and hate the DM for using them. :)

Also like using stirges as a generic nusance.

I've always prefered Gnolls over Orcs as my general-issue evil humanoids.

Back in 1E, there was a guardian familiar or somesuch -- a cat used as a guardian by a wizard. It had nine lives. The first incarnation was 1 HD. If you killed it, it came back as a 2 HD monster, with more hit points, better attacks, etc. This went on up to 9 HD. The first time I used it, it very nearly killed a party of six characters, all of 7th level -- only one was left with positive hit points by the time the battle was over, and he was in single digits.

The second time I used it, it was on a party of five, all of 5th level. It was my first TPK.


Shadowdancer said:
The second time I used it, it was on a party of five, all of 5th level. It was my first TPK.
You TPKed Party of Five? Rock on! I hated that show, so I'm glad somebody did it. Jennifer Love Hewitt, feh... :D

Dragons, banshees, wraiths.

I'd love to TPK the cast of Friends, or the starting lineup of the LA Lakers. Kobe, Phoebe, Joey! Make a will save!


Back in 1E, there was a guardian familiar or somesuch -- a cat used as a guardian by a wizard. It had nine lives.


I used it on my players when they were about third level. They killed it three times then ran away.

... which was a wise move. They'd already completed their mission - it was just guarding a chest in the wight-priest's quarters. If they'd insisted on smacking it repeatedly just to get the loot, they deserved whatever they got... :)

Still remember the looks on their faces...


"Well, that wasn't so hard. Okay, so I head over to the chest, and..."


"What do you mean? Isn't it dead?"


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green slime

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Well the monster my new campaign will be around:

Illithids, Yuan-ti, Lizardmen

(With various Dragons, Demons, and Devils thrown in for good measure)


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Yak Men! (Don't call them folk).

Strong, evil, staff-using, slave taking, talking upright walking, YAKS!

They are going to be one of the great evil forces in my campaign. A good chunk is going to take place in the mountains so they'll be everywhere.

Kid Socrates

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Favorite monster...

Hmm. High-level? I've always been a fan of templates. Just one, mind you -- but the earth-elemental dragon, or fire-elemental hydra, those just seem neat. Basic monsters that are high CR, have to go with devils and demons. SR, DR, resistances and immunity -- you can't just chuck spells willy-nilly at them. If run correctly, denizens of the underworld take brains to defeat.

Mid-level, nothing beats another adventuring party. High level, they can get too save-or-die -- mid-level, 6-12, things can just get sick.

But my personal favorite? For all levels, just up the quantity of them?

Gibberlings! Why, you ask? Simple, dating back to my Starcraft days...


Gotta love it.

This is Kid Soc.


Favorite: The Cat Lord.

Second Favorite: Rakshasa.

Third Favorite: Orcs. (I bet you thought I'd say Tabaxi!)

Fourth Favorite: Tabaxi. :p

Honorable mentions: Hook horror and owlbear.

-The Gneech

Fenes 2

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Humans. Versatile, useful for combat encounters as well as intrigue, plain fun to rolplay as a DM, and you can fill almsot any role, from cannon fodder to mastermind with it.


Man, it's so hard to narrow down the choices. If I had to pick just a handful, they would be

Yuan-ti - alien, sinister, mysterious
Aboleths - alien, sinister, mysterious, and icky
Dragons - how can you leave out the iconic monster?

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