What is your weekly gaming-news and conversation routine


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How do you stay on top of gaming news and participate with the wider gaming community. I don't mean your play schedule, though a lot of word-of-mouth comes from across the gaming table.

I used to visit a lot more sites and hang out at my two favorite gaming stores. Current work and life demands have cut down on most of that to a minimum. Even my game sessions are pretty much 100% gaming and very little time just chatting.

Currently I'm down to:
  • I visit ENWorld on the weekend and occasional dip in during the week. This tends to lead to me posting several replies in a row on a thread and then not responding for days at a time. But that's why I still like traditional forums compared to Twitter, Discord, and other platforms where you lose the conversation thread if you are not following it in near real time.

  • I listen to Morrus's Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk, usually on the same day it comes out.

  • I occasionally listen to WotC's Dragon Talk podcast. If the show notes look interesting.

  • I visit Kickstarter at least once a week, to make sure I'm not missing on any fulfillment surveys and to see what's new and what different creators are backing

  • I visit Reddit now an then. But that's mostly for news on Foundry VTT or non-gaming stuff.
That's about it. Usually most of my time is with podcasts, but I can listen to them while cleaning or doing other things. Most of my non-podcast time is spent on ENWorld and that can range from a few minutes in a week, to getting sucked into several hours of reading and responding to threads.

I'd be interested in learning what other sources fellow ENWorlder's have the habit of visiting.

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Mine is probably a little unusual because my job is reporting TTRPG news, so I go through a whole bunch of sites most days. Otherwise I'll learn about stuff in the forums here, or sometimes Facebook or Twitter will point me towards a news article somewhere. I imagine I spend well above average time here!


I run an SFRPG on facebook, that has a lot of news and reviews of SFRPG's. I am also around here, twitter, and reddit; so between those four sites, I get enough news about games.


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I get my news from the forums here and RPGPub. Between those two I seem to get all the news I need. [Edit] As for my routine, I'm on both sites daily. That's the routine. :D
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aramis erak

I read my subscriptions on RPGGeek, I skim every post on COTI, and I skim interesting threads here. I used to weekly hit KenzerCo's boards, but they seem to be extinct.


This seems to be the only site I visit daily. I do spend some time talking about some of the threads before play with my group on Wednesdays. I may look at the Wizards DnD page once a month. I used to look there more, but they cut so much out that it is mostly a waste of time unless I want to see the newest product.


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Mostly EN World. I mean, just about everything in RPGs will filter through here eventually. I also find EN world to be a pretty neutral place to talk about TTRPGs. You can have good in-depth discussions here which I find lacking in most social media.

I also chat with my gaming buddies on discord between sessions.

I don't follow gaming news. I'm not interested in any system not supported by Roll20, so checking that site's 'What's new' feature on the Marketplace on one of my weekly gaming nights is sufficient, perhaps even excessive.

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