D&D 5E What new linages do you want?

Paul Smart

Hello everyone.

What would you make if you were allowed to create a new linage for the 5th edition? I would create a dog person. We have many cat people; we need dog people to balance things out.

If Wizards of the Coast wanted to be more daring, they could create a way for you to choose your animal person. Expand on the Simic Hybrid; you want a cat-type person, choose claws and a natural stealth skill, dog you get a bite and a pack tactic-type skill. Lizard or insect, you get tough skin and ?. Fish get a swim speed and ?. You are a Canadian like me and want to play a beaver. We got you covered with giant teeth and natural engineering skills. Bird, you get wings. Want a burrow speed? We got that too. If you want a hybrid, choose one talent from collum A and one skill from B. Have an idea for an awakened animal? Step right up. We got you covered.

I would also like an ooze-type creature, it is nothing we have ever had before, and I think it would be neat.

An actual tiny linage and a giant linage would also be nice. Then I can play a sprite or a half-giant.

Let your imagination run wild; what would you create if you had the chance.

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I have my own homebrewed cactus people that I love (based on needlemen from the 1E Fiend Folio and the Cactacae from Mieville's Bas-Lag books. I call them Cactoi. (Edit: Just posted them in a different thread for those interested).

But something like that would be cool.

In general though, I prefer just the basic lineages in my humanocentric games and don't even allow Dragonborn (swapped them for Lizardfolk) and generally discouraged things like tieflings - though I make one-off exceptions (as in my current game).
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The plasmoid from the recent UA are very cool. My wife is excited to play a “slime girl”.

She also wants to play a toy person, which I think the Autognome should generally satisfy.

Her number 3 pick is a plant person of some kind. I concur.

For me, a canine race makes sense for all the dog/wolf fans.

Hengeyokai in 4e had a bunch of varieties to choose from, but they might need to be called soemthing else. I don’t know if the D&D hengeyokai are a good representation of the concept from Japanese folklore, or not.

Something like the 4e Wilden. Part plant, part animal, part primal spirit.

Just sapient talking animals.


I'm probably going against the grain here, but unless we're going campaign-specific, I'd like less "fantastic creature" PC races/species/lineages, and divide humans in a dozen distinct lineages.


I guess I'd like to see more monsters-as-playable-races, humanoid versions of monsters (like half-giants for each kind of giant, and what would an ankheg-folk be like for instance?), and some races with more than two eyes or arms.



I'm having a hard time thinking of one that's really missing, especially after the Space UA.

Either an Undead lineage (if lineage is roughly equal to templates) or Derro, or a plant person race.

Yeah, that seems good. One of those. :)

There are many many game systems out there that allow a player to create a char from scratch, like Heroes. It would be vastly easier for the OP to play that game, than changing the 5e system.

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