What Podcasts are you listening too? The Golden Age of Podcasting Edition

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I cannot recommend A History of Rock in 500 Songs more. It is a fantastic, thoughtful, and incredibly well-researched podcast that traces a history of rock a song at a time. . . well, kinda, while each episode's narrative is built around a significant song, many other songs are also discussed in setting up the context for it. It is a planned 10 year podcast project and the host is about 160 episodes into it (not including the bonus patreon episodes - which is totally worth paying a dollar a month to get as well).

One thing you will appreciate @Snarf Zagyg, is that it is entitled "A History of Rock" (not "The") on purpose and does its best to upset and debunk the accepted wisdom of rock's history, while not claiming that he has the only way to see it. I know as an academic I really appreciate it (though it is not an academic podcast).

Teen Titan Wasteland and later Titan Up the Defense is a funny AF, thoughtful, and wacky comic book podcast where in Nathanial "Hub" Hubbard and his brother Corey share cocktails and talk about first the original Teen Titans series from the 1960s and early 1970s and then when they finished that, alternate between New Teen Titans (1980s) and Defenders (from the 70s and 80s) an issue at a time. It is definitely my favorite comic book podcast (and the only one I still listen to). In my role as a comics scholar and fan of the show I also guest co-hosted a couple of episodes a few years ago.
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Gunsmoke is definitely another example where the radio show was better than the TV show. William Conrad was a lot more my style than James Arness. Johnny Dollar is another really awesome show. A great example of how calling a show "formulaic" isn't an insult if the formula works.

Speaking of which, I had never heard this one until a few mintues ago...

I think I had the same voice actor in my head from another episode where the ending was very different...

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