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What podcasts do you listen to (and why?)


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Not RPG podcasts!

I currently listen to:
  • The Weekly Planet. Irreverant, fun sci-fi/fantasy movie/TV news.
  • The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Science news, pseudoscience debunking.
  • Startalk. Neil deGrasse Tyson's weekly astrophysics podcast, co-hosted with one of a pool of comedians.
  • The Pilot Podcast. Empire Magazine's TV podcast. British.
  • Empire Podcast. Empire Magazine's flagship movie podcast. British.
  • Empire Spoiler Specials. Covers the Marvel TV shows in depth each week at the moment. British.
  • Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4. Probably only if you're British, this one.
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage. Currently between seasons. Prof Brian Cox, Robin Ince, and a panel of guests on a science topic each week. British.
  • Do The Right Thing. Also between seasons. Probably the funniest podcast I've ever heard. British.
I occasionally listen to various interview shows, but always based on the guest, so none of them regularly. But they include Marc Maron's WTF, Chris Hardwick's ID1OT, Richard Herring's RHLSTP, and The Adam Buxton Podcast.

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Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
I don't listen to podcasts.

But I do have This American Life, The Allusionist, and Ologies subscribed to on my phone so people will mistake me for a smart person if they borrow my phone.


No pods for me either. I don't have a commute and I can't listen to words while I'm trying to think for a living.

podcasts sound cool and all, I just don't have it in me to sit and listen to them.


Solitary Role Playing
Some friends of mine used to do a wargaming podcast called Geeks of the North. They would review KS and new games. They also painted minis at the same time. Listeners were invited to do the same. I did. They abandoned the project because of covid-19 and real life.

I sometimes listen to EnWorld. The TSR one was very entertaining.

That's it.


I don't have as much time for podcast as I used to (Less commute time over the last year for some reason). But I still make sure to keep up on a few.

Loading Ready Run Aggregate Feed: they have a few different podcast. Live play D&D, Talking about Magic, and even some movie review stuff. I listen to the general feed because I like pretty much all their stuff.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: This is my go to car trip podcast. If I need something to occupy me for most of a day I turn to this.

NPR Politics Podcast: I have to get my news somehow and NPR is one of the sources that I can actually stomach.

Constructed/Limited Resources: Magic podcasts focusing on Constructed/Limited respectively. If your into Magic you probably already know about them and if you aren't they probably won't interest you.

I also periodically brows 99% invisible and Stuff You Should Know for any topics that catch my interest but don't listen to them regularly.

You're Wrong About is amusing me these days. Each episode takes something that was a big media event in the past 40 years or so, and walks through how the mainstream understanding misses some key elements, and why the media narrative developed the way it did. The hosts are glib. Topics include things like the Satanic Panic, the OJ Simpson trial, the life and death of Princess Diana, the suicide of Kurt Cobain, and the Stanford Prison Experiment. That last one is fascinating, because the guy in charge lied a ton just to get publicity, and we all swallowed his BS.

Freakonomics discusses narrow economics issues from an enthusiastic layperson's perspective, like what legalizing marijuana would do, or the cost-benefit of traffic lights versus traffic circles.

Throughline is like a much more serious "You're Wrong About." Want to know the history of the Uighurs? The actual Black Panther party? How Puerto Rico got to be the way it is?

Hm, all my stuff is political or economic.


New Publisher
Radiolab is the only one I listen to A LOT. You learn so many different kinds of things. It is the one and only that I always recommend no matter who is asking.

This American Life is great, but usually not very happy......

Freakonomics is good, and I sometimes listen to it.

Planet Money and Motley Fool Money are both good, usually.

Just started Invisibilia, and enjoyed the ones I've heard so far.

My wife swears by Brene Brown. I'm pretty sure she's listened to most of these. The ones I have listened to have mostly been good.

A lot of people have recommended You're Wrong About and WTF and Hidden Brain. I've listened to one or two and enjoyed them.


I find I listen to a lot of BBC World Service shows in the car via satellite radio that have podcasts, but generally only pull up the podcasts themselves to hear the rest of an episode or if I heard a teaser for one that sounded interesting.

I do listen to old time radio shows from the 30s to 60s online... but those weren't really intended to be podcasts.

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