What podcasts do you listen to (and why?)


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Most true podcasts I listen to are in Spanish. I sometimes listen to the Cracked podcast because I can find interesting material for my job. But as far as I can give a recommendation, I would say the Dollop fits the bill. It talks at length about ridiculous parts of American history. And as a non-American, I can't help but to love that. (Although about half of the time it can be summarized as idiot man does something ridiculous, other idiot man gets similar ridiculous ideas, they end up butting heads and the resulting confrontation is amazing to watch listen to)

Some of the content on Youtube I love to listen to that is podcast-like is:

The Illuminaughti. She sheds light on both corporations behaving badly and predatory MLMs. She also talks about random interesting facts and things that are just plain wrong with the world.
Toy Galaxy/Spector Creative. I listen to these for the same reason. They talk about toys and franchises. Particularly about franchises I didn't know were toys in the first place. (Because I wasn't in the main demographic when they were around) Spector Creative also talks about the business side of toys.
Lindsey Ellis. At least at first, I like the way she talks about media as long-form essays. Nowadays, she feels more involved in the scandal of the week...
Overly Sarchastic productions. They talk about tropes, history, and myths. While we lose something without the graphics, their discourse and sarcastic attitude is the main part of the show. Red in particular is a great storyteller.
Most of the other stuff is either more reliant on pictures, in Spanish, or not of general interest.
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I don't actually listen to any tabletop podcasts, but I do listen to The Completely Unnecessary Podcast, a video game podcast (which is weird because I'm otherwise pretty disconnected from console gaming these days). It's just a really great, informative, podcast.


Rules-lawyering drama queen but not a munchkin
I don't actually listen to any tabletop podcasts, but I do listen to The Completely Unnecessary Podcast, a video game podcast (which is weird because I'm otherwise pretty disconnected from console gaming these days). It's just a really great, informative, podcast.
Speaking of that, I used to listen to Extra Credits, but it stopped being the same once they changed the voice.


Podcasts and their subjects of interest

Danny in the Valley Danny In The Valley on acast
Reporter from the Sunday Times who was born in Silicon Valley now covers the people, businesses & culture of Silicon Valley. Lasts 35-45 mins with interviews being a significant part of the show.

BBC Analysis BBC Radio 4 - Analysis - Downloads
30 min mini documentary on subjects of interest
"Programme examining the ideas and forces which shape public policy in Britain and abroad, presented by distinguished writers, journalists and academics."

The Dark Money files https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/242645.rss
"A series of podcasts which explain to a non-technical audience how "Dark Money" (e.g. money laundering, corruption, bribery, tax evasion) enters the financial system and infects everything it touches."
Usually last 20-25 mins, delivered in a light hearted manner by a couple of British investigators.

Exponential View http://feeds.harvardbusiness.org/harvardbusiness/exponential-view
"How will the future unfold? What is the impact of technology on business & society? As technology reorders the world in which live, who will be the winners and who will be the losers? Join Azeem Azhar, curator of the Exponential View newsletter, in deep conversation with the world's leading thinkers and practitioners exploring these and other important questions."
Future focused podcast lasting 35mins-1hr. Azeem Azhar is a UK based investor with many contacts in the scientific/business sphere.

Risky Business http://risky.biz/feeds/risky-business/
"Risky Business is a weekly information security podcast featuring news and in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Launched in February 2007, Risky Business is a must-listen digest for information security pros. With a running time of approximately 50-60 minutes, Risky Business is pacy; a security podcast without the waffle."
Infosec reporting from Australia and New Zealand. Each show is composed of a weekly news roundup and then sponsor interview with industry professionals. Always entertaining.


Laws of Mordenkainen, Elminster, & Fistandantilus
Not RPG podcasts!

I currently listen to:
  • The Weekly Planet. Irreverant, fun sci-fi/fantasy movie/TV news.
  • The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Science news, pseudoscience debunking.
  • Startalk. Neil deGrasse Tyson's weekly astrophysics podcast, co-hosted with one of a pool of comedians.
  • The Pilot Podcast. Empire Magazine's TV podcast. British.
  • Empire Podcast. Empire Magazine's flagship movie podcast. British.
  • Empire Spoiler Specials. Covers the Marvel TV shows in depth each week at the moment. British.
  • Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4. Probably only if you're British, this one.
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage. Currently between seasons. Prof Brian Cox, Robin Ince, and a panel of guests on a science topic each week. British.
  • Do The Right Thing. Also between seasons. Probably the funniest podcast I've ever heard. British.
I occasionally listen to various interview shows, but always based on the guest, so none of them regularly. But they include Marc Maron's WTF, Chris Hardwick's ID1OT, Richard Herring's RHLSTP, and The Adam Buxton Podcast.
Hard Rain & Slow Trains: Bob Dylan & Fellow Travelers: music in meaningful playlists with thoughtful commentary that is delivered in a way that respects the medium.

I listen to DragonTalk but I do not think it is as good anymore. I liked it when the game designers were on and had interesting insights. Now it just seems like everyone is hyper-caffeinated and obsessed with their social media presence. But, I do still listen to it.

I also sometimes listen to The History of England and I am working through Nice White Parents.

Someone mentioned S-Town upthread. That is a work of art! I listened to it a couple years ago.

I listen to The John Campea Show and Dan Murrell’s Charts with Dan.

Finally, I have listened to most of Bear and a Banjo…which is great historical fiction about a couple musicians who were seemingly everywhere from the 1930s on.
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I don't have as much time for podcast as I used to (Less commute time over the last year for some reason). But I still make sure to keep up on a few.

Loading Ready Run Aggregate Feed: they have a few different podcast. Live play D&D, Talking about Magic, and even some movie review stuff. I listen to the general feed because I like pretty much all their stuff.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: This is my go to car trip podcast. If I need something to occupy me for most of a day I turn to this.

NPR Politics Podcast: I have to get my news somehow and NPR is one of the sources that I can actually stomach.

Constructed/Limited Resources: Magic podcasts focusing on Constructed/Limited respectively. If your into Magic you probably already know about them and if you aren't they probably won't interest you.

I also periodically brows 99% invisible and Stuff You Should Know for any topics that catch my interest but don't listen to them regularly.
Dan Carlin’s the business.
I’m also a huge LPOTL and Timesuck fan, as well as Scared to Death, Serial Killers, Casefile and Pseudopod fan.


Plain English with Derek Thompson - good data driven current events podcast
My Marvelous Year - Marvel comics reading club going through the top storylines in each year of marvel comics (currently late 90s)
This week in Technology - good tech news round up, long running pod with Leo Laporte
Revisionist History - Malcolm Gladwell podcast
Against the Rules - Michael Lewis podcast
War on the Rocks - Started listening for updates on Ukraine war, also covers other foreign policy topics.
And Hardcore History of course. Still the best pod in the universe for my money.

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