What podcasts do you listen to (and why?)


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Just had a thought, do video channels count? I'm gonna say they count.

Lindsay Eliis. For all sorts of pop culture deep dives.
Rowan Ellis. Again pop culture but very much with an LGBTQI+ focus.
Philosophy Tube. Good introductory video essays about philosophical concepts explained in very accessible terms.
Nah, I can’t watch videos while I’m driving or walking the dog! Different beast entirely.

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Lawyer by day. Rules lawyer by night.
Behind The Bastards: An irreverent look at the worst people in history. Not just the obligatory Hitlers, Stalins, and Husseins. Also lesser known bastards like King Leopold, as well as folk who have led to some rather nasty fixtures in modern society (like Phyllis Schafly, Savitri Devi, and Gabriele D'Annunzio)

Dipped In Tone: A guitar podcast

Feminist Frequency: A feminist critique of pop culture and mainstream film and TV

Philosophize This: Overview of various schools of thought in philosophy

Noble Blood: A Mahnke-produced series on some of the most notorious murders in royal history

History of Rome/History of Byzantium: Self-explanatory. Both in-depth with hundreds of episodes.

BBC In Our Time: Documentary podcast series with a roundtable discussion on a variety of topics ranging from history, science, mathematics, and the arts. I also use this to fall asleep (I'm not kidding).

These are just the ongoing podcasts. Pod miniseries I would recommend are "Sleepwalkers", about developments in AI; "Bagman", Rachel Maddow's series on Spiro Agnew; "It Could Happen Here", a speculative look at the possibility of civil war in America (a real upper);


Great Lives (BBC production. A celebrity chooses a favourite historical figure. The show gives a swift biography)
Western Way of War (military & political professionals talk about modern warfare)
Overly Sarcastic Podcast (the YouTube channel has fun with podcasting)
Decoder Ring Theatre (which isn't really a podcast. "Radio Drama" might be a better term)
Mark & Carrie (economics commentary. But don't worry! They're both academics, but Mark was a comedian)
No such thing as a Fish (A podcast by the researchers behind the questions on QI)
In Our Time (This is another BBC production. It provides some good overviews of complex topics)


Rules-lawyering drama queen but not a munchkin
Nah, I can’t watch videos while I’m driving or walking the dog! Different beast entirely.
But some of the videos I listen too are basically podcasts anyway. They don't rely on any graphics to make their point across?

The Weekly Planet is the only podcast that I listen to weekly.

For those times when I have a long drive or need a break from other media I go with Planet Money, Invisibilia, Science Vs, and Radiolab.


Elder Thing
I lack a convenient commute to listen to longform media of any sort, so no podcasts for me. I truly wish there were transcripts; many sound interesting and I can read stuff WAY faster than people can read it to me.

The few I have listened to have been Ahmed "D20 Arabia" Aljabry's Zakhara retold, plus a handful that interviewed me personally. And I listened to them because they were either relevant to my products or included an interview with me personally.

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