What System/Setting/Campaign do you want to play but haven't yet?


So I'm new here and thought I'd ask what systems, settings, & campaigns people want to play but for whatever reason they haven't gotten around to doing so yet?

If you're anything like me you probably have at least one book that you've picked up and enjoyed reading but haven't actually put to it's intended use. Or a dream campaign that for whatever reason you haven't been able to actually write up and run at this point.

I've got several that come to mind. For System/Setting I have always wanted to run a game of HOL. (aka Human Occupied Landfill) I haven't had a group where I felt the entire group was right for this very particular setting and it's style of humor so thus far I haven't tried it however.

For campaigns I've been wanting to run Castle Whiterock from the Dungeon Crawl Classics line ever since I received it back when I had a DCC subscription. Now I'm planning on actually making this one happen in 5e. With the newly released Monster Manual I'm prepping conversion notes for an upcoming campaign.

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First Post
Excellent question and topic indeed. I would love to try 13th age, d20 Traveller, d20 Cthulhu. As for campaigns, Rod of seven parts comes to mind, as well as a few Planescape Idea's for a campaign.



Relaxed Intensity
I would really love to play in a game of Apocalypse World or one of the New World of Darkness 2e games. Right now I'll just have to settle for running Demon.


I definitely want to play or run Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine, but haven't yet found enough people interested in this game.

Greg K

My list:
Savage Worlds:
Agents of Obllivion, Apocalypse Prevention, Beasts and Barbarians, Broken Earth, Darwin's World, Gaslight, Hellfrost, Interface Zero, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Sherwood, Sundered Skies, War of the Dead​
Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3
Cortex Plus: Firefly rpg
Cortex Plus: Leverage
Cortex Plus: Smallville
Fate Core
Monster of the Week
Camp Myth
Little Fears: Nightmare Editon
Barbarians of Lemuria
Warrior, Rogue, & Mage
Monsters and Other Childish Things


I'd love to play in a Mouseguard campaign. It's exactly the sort of game I love to play, but I am not sure I could DM it properly.

I'd like to run a 4e Gamma World Campaign - we started the intro scenario once, but never got beyond one session that was mostly character creation. It's the only game I ever thought 4e was right for.

I always wanted to run a Hamunaptra (or any Egyptian themed) campaign for a friend of mine - again, we started one once but never got very far as I couldn't come up with good adventures for it.


I'd love to play the FFG Star Wars system I actually own all the books but just can't be bothered to have others learn the system or anything. Also for some reason I really would like to play a 10000 BC type GURPS game. I like the whole early humans tribes shaman type stuff and theres not enough settings like that IMO.


First Post
Too many to list them, really. I've bought dozens of rpg systems knowing full well, I'd probably never get to play them. That's okay, though, since I really enjoy reading, analyzing and comparing them.

Wednesday Boy

The Nerd WhoFell to Earth
There are tons of systems and settings that I want to play. 7th Sea, The One Ring, 4E Gamma World, and Ashen Skies (for the system and setting), Midnight (for the setting--Maybe 5th Edition Midnight would work well.), and FFG Star Wars (for the system).


The big one is Firefly RPG. Fortunately I have a one-shot scheduled for December, and then (hopefully) a campaign starting early next year.


Deus Ex.

Everything about the setting screams to be played in an RPG. Why some enterprising RPG company hasn't licensed this setting is a mystery to me. Maybe because there is too much potential overlap with a more established rules system (i.e., Shadowrun).

I'm dropping $50 for a hardcopy version of Interface Zero 2.0 SPECIFICALLY to try and house rule a Deus Ex setting using the Savage Worlds system.

Night's Black Agents is a distant second, Deadlands Noir and Weird Wars Rome are a slightly less distant third.

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