What was your first ever D&D product?


Greyhawk Hardcover, the one with the spiffy picture of the guy riding the griffon on the front. Still one of my favorite products, but that's probably just nostalgia. It had rules, spells, cool locations, neat NPCs, monsters, it was grand. Must've been Christmas 87 or my birthday in 88.

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Uhm... I recall a large OD&D boxed set which had the manuals, dice, a few minis, a poster map for the included adventure, and something else. I dunno if it was an Italian edition only or what; it quickly went out of print. I then bought the blue box.

Afterwards, all my OD&D stuff was stolen in Tunis (sp?) during a holiday, together with 2 years worth of homebrew world notes. So I bought the red box and another blue box and remade the homebrew, making it bigger and better.

Some years later, I moved to AD&D and dropped the homebrew in favor of Planescape. It featured a huge empire whom the PCs worked for, a council of evil wizards as main antagonists, a complex skaven race as lesser antagonists, an unknown continent which I never really detailed and, uhm, not much more. It was fairly mediocre, but what the heck, I was 12. :D

Golem Joe

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Sutherland basic set, and yes I still have the original dice from that box (don't use them anymore though -- kinda beat up). Oddly enough, my copy came packaged with Keep on the Borderlands, while I understand it was supposed to come with In Search of the Unknown. ::shrug::


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My first product was a set of dice that my cousin gave me, they were the type that you had to color in the numbers with a crayon.
I only have the d20 from that set and all its corners are worn.
My first purchase was one of the basic sets, it was blue and had a dragon rising up over a treasure hoard on it. The entire picture was blue, I got it from a garage sale. After that it wasnt to long before I had the entire advanced set, and a couple of grimtooths traps books. Two years later I had a large steamer trunk full of D&D goodness, wich I loaned to my younger cousin to hopefully get him involved with the game. My aunt however got a hold of my stuff, quickly pronounced it as satanic and threw it on a bonfire trunk and all. I still dont speak to my aunt, but my cousin is a die hard gamer now.
The sacrafices we must make eh?




For me it was a Basic D&D boxed set containing the blue rule-book, the module 'Keep on the Borderlands', a set of 'die-cut randomiser chips', and a little slip of paper saying there were no dice because of the oil crisis.



Gary N. Mengle

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Mine was the magenta-box Basic Set with the Erol Otus cover. My first adventure was the solo Blizzard Pass, which I took at age 10 to be the pinnacle of adventure design. I shortly moved on to The Keep on the Borderlands as soon as I found other kids to play with.

Within a year I was doing AD&D (PH, DMG, MM) with a group of 6.

Around 1984 I started playing Champions, and then 3rd Edition RuneQuest, which led in time to a long disillusionment with D&D, which I abandoned for Rolemaster with the 2nd Edition.

D&D3/d20 got me back in.


EricNoah said:
...I sat down with his AD&D DMG and typed up the entire monster stat chart from one of the appendices so I'd have some good monsters.

Where was the internet back then? Darn, we little "geeks-in-training" could have really used sharing resources like that. :)


The old Erol-Otus boxed set. My mom got it for me for christmas because I liked drawing pictures of conan:D

I had no idea what D&D was. Then I opened the box and started to read. It took me a while before I understood what the book was saying.

"You mean I can make up my own story and this will tel me how it all works?"

"I can wear a bear skin loin sloth and wield Glamdring to my little 11 year old blood thirsty hearts content???"


The first one I bought with my "own" money was Dieties & Demi-Gods. I didn't know any better.

I still have an un-natural attraction to Morgan Ironwolf to this day.
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