D&D Movie/TV What will be the end credits scene for the D&D Movie? (Wrong / silly answers only.)


He / Him
Will Nick Fury try to recruit Chris Pine into the Avengers? Will the camera cut to an actual D&D game played by the actors? What do you think the (not real) end credits scene will be?

My pick:

We see the adventurers off on another quest... and they get immediately TPK'd by a random encounter with a Hill Giant. You hear the voice of the DM say, "Well, I guess you can roll up new characters..." We are quickly introduced to all the actors playing brand new characters.

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Follower of the Way
The heroes are celebrating. Camera slowly zooms out from the tavern room they're in, revealing that these are pieces on a game board. Teen lookalikes of the characters, or possibly the actors themselves digitally de-aged to look like college students, are arrayed around the board, clinking their glasses of soda and rummaging for the last few cheetos cheese puffs.

"Well, sounds like you guys are ready for the next adventure, then."

The group turns to look at the speaker, sitting behind the DM screen. The DM smiles back at them. Camera reverses to look from the DM's side of the screen, the players exchange nervous glances. They can't see the book the DM is holding behind the screen, but the audience can, just the upper third:

Dungeon Module S1:
The Tomb of Horrors

Smash cut to black.

"I think this one should do nicely."


A digital version of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson folding up some books at a gaming table, with Gary saying “Well, that was fun.”


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
A portal opens in the now-empty location where the final scene took place, and out steps Elesh Norn, who says “All will be one. All.

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