D&D Movie/TV What will be the end credits scene for the D&D Movie? (Wrong / silly answers only.)


He / Him
The characters meet in the tavern at the end of the adventure...

Pine: Should we do this again?

Smith: Next week? Maybe we could do this every week?"

Rodriguez: Oh, I can't do next week. But maybe in two weeks on a Thursday?

Page: Hm, Thursdays don't really work for me.

Lillis: I'm actually out all this next month.

Pine: Okay, we'll just adventure again when our schedules align.

Narrator: They never adventures again.

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We see all the characters as regular humans around a table, having just finished playing a campaign.

One of them says "Well that was fun, want to start another campaign".

Another says "Yeah that would be great, but did you hear about how Wizards of the Coast tried to revoke the Open Games License?"

"Yeah," says the dungeon master. "How about we try Pathfinder next".


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Someone having died in the course of the film, the remaining party gather at the dead character’s grave, and someone sets a macguffin obtained earlier in the film on the dead character’s grave stone.

Suddenly a portal opens, seemingly to another world, and the party look at eachother, and jump through the portal together.


Posted this in another thread a while back, but I’m sticking to it:

A hooded stranger, dressed entirely in black, steps out of the shadows and approaches Chris Pine’s character.

He pulls back his hood. It’s Samuel L. Jackson, with an eye patch.

“Mr. Edgin… I’d like to talk to you about the Harper Initiative.”

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