D&D Movie/TV What will be the end credits scene for the D&D Movie? (Wrong / silly answers only.)


The cast siting at a tavern celebrating their victory. One of them ask "What are they doing over there?". The camera pans over to a table where a group in normal 2023 clothes play D&D. Camera pans back - "Haven't you heard about cos-play?"

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Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
The cast sit at a tavern celebrating their victory. The camera zooms in and you see scrolls of paper with quills and inkwells and small bone dice scattered about. Closeup on Edgin the bard.

"So I think I'll go with an actor. Really high charisma, low wisdom, and my background gives me a lot of gol--um, dollars," he says.

"You need a name for your character," Simon says.

Edgin goes, "How about...Chris."


He / Him
The camera cuts back to the tavern where the adventurers had planned their quest. Suddenly the wall turns into a tentacle-laden portal and through it steps Vecna from Stranger Things... who is immediately blasted to oblivion by Vecna from D&D! Vecna stands over the fallen figure and says, "Die, Vecna, die!"

Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
The cast sit at a bar, out of character, celebrating the end of the movie.

One of the stars says to the other, "So what kind of character do you think I should make next?"

One grins and says, "how about a vampire?"

Everyone looks horrified and the screen cuts to black.

Chandra, Elspeth, and Kaya Planeswalks to Fearun, only for a horde of Phtrexians to be chasing them through a portal and running right into the Edgin, Holga, Simon, Xenk, and Doric.


Doing the best imitation of myself
I think a short clip of Damodar and Snails from the first movie as being owners of the tavern they all meet up in and saying "well, that all worked out didn't it?" Yes, this is an obscure reference but I'd laugh.

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