D&D Movie/TV What will be the end credits scene for the D&D Movie? (Wrong / silly answers only.)


Ed Greenwood comes on screen dressed in robes, a staff in one hand a big book in the other.

"And that folks...is just the beginning..." he starts.

Suddenly, behind him jumps out an obviously blatant R. Salvatore dressed in a Green hooded cloak and with two plastic scimitars in his hands. He wacks Greenwood over the head repeatedly with them.

"OW!" Greenwood grimaces.

"This is where you fall down." Bob says dryly.

"I think NOT." Greenwood smarts back.

At this point Keith Baker jumps onscreen from the Left Side, shovel in hand he hits both of them on their behinds...hard.

"WHAT are you DOING...THAT HURT!" Bob yells at Keith.

"Digging Graves...That's What." Keith says as he stares hard at Greenwood.

As this occurs...a head slowly pops up from the bottom of the screen to reveal...FERRIS BUELLER!!!

He has a broom. He sweeps it towards the three. "What are you still doing here...go...shoo...go...go on...it's over..." Sweeping the broom in front of him he sweeps them off the screen...then turns to the audience. "You too...there's nothing more...go home...go."

Black Screen.

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Not your screen monkey (he/him) 🇺🇦🇵🇸🏳️‍⚧️
The movie ends with everyone making a joke at the bard’s expense. Credits roll. Mid-credits, we switch to the actors sitting around the table arguing, Chris Pine rage flips the table.

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