D&D Movie/TV What will make more money DADHAT or BG3?

I know its not a fair compareson, but I'm still curious.

DADHAT made $274,000,000cad ($208,000,000usd) at the box office, but we don't know how many DVD sales it had or how to gage the value to brought in terms of subscribers and ads revenue to Paramount+.

BG3 on the other hand had sold 2 to 5 million copies of BG3 according to Steam Spy, BEFORE the Bear Sex. At $80cad per sale that is $160,000,000cad to $400,000,000cad on steam alone, not countng consoles or GoG (don't know if it counts Mac), and the game hasn't even left EA yet!

According to Steam Spy DOS2 had 5 to 10 million of sales, if BG3 matches the high end of that, your looking at $800,000,000cad. If BG3 doubles that, as it appears to be already far more fameous, we're looking at $1,600,000,000cad, that well over a billion and half game, rivalling Hogwarts Legacy, maybe Tears of the Kingdom as well.

Either way it seems clear BG3 is the winner, winner chicken dinner.

So that leaves the question should DADHAT have been more adult focused then family friendly? Should Doric have taken one for the team and give DADHAT bear sex with Simon?

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And when movies start charging $69.99, we can have a meaningful conversation comparing the money both industries make. Pretty pointless conversation until then IMO.
Not to mention selling multiple copies because people want to play on their PC and PS3. People likely won't still be purchasing copies of the movie a year from now because it went on sale in a year and they've done small edits to improve it and it's on sale on Steam.

Video games and movies are different worlds, video games are 5 times bigger than movies.


I found this meme funny.

Videogame industry moves more money, but an AAA title needs more time and money to invested. And videogames lose value too fastly. If a title doesn't make enough time in a short time, a couple of years, then it is a lost investment. But movies can make money decades after the release.

I see BG3 is the videogame the brand needed. Not all D&D videogames were very successful, and the current industry is changing, because gamers get bored soon when main studios produce the same type of product.

* I wonder how would be a webcomic style "I was reborn into a D&D videogame (and I noticed too late it was set in Ravenloft)".

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