D&D (2024) What would you put in 1D&D from 4E?


I don't understand why they are so cold on new classes... 3.5 and 4e each had a ton of extra classes
New Classes need resources and work.

Remember: 5e was originally supposed to camp the Trademark so they could make a movie and wafflemakers and stuff with the logo. Just drip feed enough content to keep the core on the hook. They very much broadcast that it was being put up on blocks with the whole 'evergreen edition' thing.

Then the Internet happened to them and things took a turn.

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I don't understand why they are so cold on new classes... 3.5 and 4e each had a ton of extra classes
It's been explained, one of the problems is that a lot of new classes were left to wither with no further support. Second, class bloat. Third, they want the core classes to have a strong archetype and a lot of the other classes felt too niche or were stepping on the core's toes.

And ... I don't disagree with the logic, one of my hopes, which the playtest seems to be bearing out, is that a lot of effort is being put into future-proofing OneDnD so it is easier to expand and add new classes to. Heck, that's why they've consolidated the spell lists to Arcane, Divine and Primal.

I feel like 5e was way too conservative, in response to the prior editions, I'd hope OneDnD corrects for that and finds a comfortable middle.


Not from 4e but..

"A creature is then immune to this effect for 1 day"

It's a great way to limit some maneuvers that feels less artificial. Put it on stunning strike or a come and get it and it's something you can just do, but not spam.


I'd like to see greater starting hit points and healing surges, it was a shame they did away with them. Something I've done in my games, especially for level 1 starts is double starting hit points from class, so a fighter has 20 hit points + constitution modifier at level 1. I haven't used healing surges but I think a number equal to half your hit die size at level 1 + Constitution score would be good. This would give the fighter surges equal to 5 + con mod while a wizard would only have 3 + con mod.

I use the bloodied condition in my games to trigger effects and think it would be worth bringing into the base game.

I sort of use monster type as well, but normally that's just as a template to modify a monster, like soldier giving better AC, Brute more hit points but less accuracy, etc.

I wouldn't mind more weapon keywords to diversify weapons a bit. So many rogues just stick to rapier because it has the highest die size that can be used with sneak attack, would be nice if other weapons had a smaller die size but some sort of weapon keyword that would make the rogue player at least consider them.

Themes,originally from Dark Sun 4e, could also be a nice customisation option similar to the supernatural gifts from Theros so we already have something similar in the game.

Maybe I wasn't clear. I hate that potions burn your surge for a fixed amount of HP independent of your Surge Value. I love healing surges, but potions in 4e really suck IMHO, specially for defenders.
I think they should give HP based on your surge value, even if it's a fraction of it.
The reason it is set up that way is so you don#t end up with 50 cheap Level 1 (or Level 5) healing potions and don't need the Leader's healing powers anymore.

I personally think it would have been better if they didn't need the high-level wealth magical items and all that stuff and we had a much flatter "financial" curve.
If that isn't possible or proves insufficient, other limitations could have been had, like some healing potion limit. Your body can have anly so much healing potion fluids inside you...
  • first potion heals your healing surge
  • second potion only works if you're already bloodied (and still heals you a healing surge) OR second potion takes a standard action to drink because you need to force it down.
  • third and subsequent potions only stabilize you (even if you're out of healing surges). OR third potion takes a standard action to drink and dazes you until the end of your next turn because you're getting sick of all that liquid healing.
Reset after a short rest. So even if they become very cheap in the late game, they remain limited and you can kinda work that into your healing magic (maybe Leaders wouldn't get an extra use of their healing ability at Level 15 or whenever it was because you're hoarding potions anyway.)

I think the leader's powers will always be better than a healing potion, and costing a healing surge prevents the 50 cheap level 1 potions scenario doesn't it?
The Leader powers are better, but if you get a healing surge value with the cheapest potion back, you can basically heal yourself every turn at high levels. The extra d6s won't really make that much of a difference at the end of the day. And you certainly don't need Second Wind.

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