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D&D 2E What's a Good 2e Low Level Adventure?

Hanging out with my neighbor last night it came up in conversation he has a lot of nostalgia for 2E, including THAC0 and all the old school feel. He knows 5e but really wants to do 2E again, and would like me to run a one-shot for him and his teenage kids.
I came in with 2E but didn't run many published adventures. The ones I did were Ravenloft.
Are there any you can think of that have a nostalgic feel for that era? I'm looking to avoid big adventures like Night Below because I'm not intending to run anything long.
For my money, The Gates of Firestorm Peak is the only "classic" 2E era module. But, I didn't hate A Paladin in Hell. Hmmm, the Planescape modules were alright too.

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