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What's RPGNEWS.com?

RPGNEWS.com is a new tabletop RPG news website. It differs to EN World in that while here at EN World we post articles about new stuff, RPGNEWS.com links to articles around the web. It's a quick way to keep on top of all the tabletop RPG news as it appears.


The site covers all tabletop RPG news, from Dungeons & Dragons to the latest indie games. As a curated news aggregator, it's designed to be quick and easy to use -- just pop along and click on the links that interest you, and you'll be whisked away to the original article on the source website.

You'll also find the same news on EN World's Facebook page (like it), and Morrus' Twitter feed (follow it). So there's lots of ways to keep up with it!

The site has a main overall news snapshot on the front page, with the latest news links, plus the latest in a range of categories such as D&D, Pathfinder, General RPG, Industry, and more, plus each category has it's own page if you only want all the D&D news, or only the Pathfinder news, etc.

It's an EN World website, and it is designed to supplement our news gathering efforts. Many of the columnists here on EN World contribute to it. The aim is to be comprehensive with RPGNEWS.com, while EN World is for more in-depth discussion about RPG news and topics.
Russ Morrissey



Nice, clean Look. 8D

Thanks for the efford to keep us informed and good Luck with the new Site!


On the black background (Legacy style), you can't see the "news" in the logo above, so it looks like just "rpg.com."


Is there a point to logging in? I could not see any "personalized" features like forums, interactive applets or the like.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Is there a point to logging in? I could not see any "personalized" features like forums, interactive applets or the like.
Not much. There are other features hidden away (a forum, comments, groups, etc) but they’re not linked from the menus.


F-Secure blocks the site and states it has been reported as harmful. I've asked them to take another look at it.



If you make a 15-min. podcast out of the weekly headlines on RPGNEWS, you'd make MT Black a very happy person.

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