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Whats the biggest group you've DMed for?


10. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I never intend to do that again. At least not with out some long & serious consideration about ways to make it work.

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19 in one session.

It paired down to a stable 12 for the next 2-3 years. It had every alignment, by campaign design, with things going fairly smoothly. That first night had several people expecting to be "Jerkwad Evil" and riding over the others but after 3 of the jerkwads were killed by the party, the other four decided to bail on the game too. The "party friendly" evils who saw which way the wind was blowing and helped stomp the jekwads were welcomed, or at least accepted.

There were 1-2 newbies with most being familiar with 2e. It was my first real campaign so I don't think I realized that running that many people was supposed to be hard. It definitely made me very flexible as a GM and good at player management.

My current group is a much more manageable 6 for the last 5ish years. This doesn't include the cohorts or retired PCs that appear for occassional sessions.


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16. We made a whole day of it. The players who had wives or g/fs brought them along, we bbq'd all day, and had a blast. People were having to stand in my living room, or take turns sitting. And when one character figured out they were fighting Sleestak and were in the Land of the Lost (ahh... memories of my misspent childhood), I was pelted with dice from every direction.

Good times, good times....

14 people was my record. In an Evil campaign. ARGHHHHHHH!
Heck, drop the words "evil campaign" and "Forgotten Realms" in a game store and BAM! Everyone you know who ever played D&D will show up.


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6... which I feel is my upper limit. I reckon I'll run into the "too many people, too little time to give them proper attention" when I graduate and start teaching anyway. ;)


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D&D, specifically? Probably... 9ish.

I've run Paranoia (as part of a GM team) for 16. I've been parts of GM teams for larps of over 40 players.


My old group swelled to about 10 people at one point. It was pretty rare for all ten to show for the same session, but when they did it was chaotic to say the least. Combat encounters dragged on a bit. We had a blast though.

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