What's Your (Favourite) Role?

Your Favourite Role

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Poll time! What is your favourite role (not class but you can post about those below)? For me it is Defender. I love being the center of the action and Defender allows me to do that and keep my squishy wizard buddy safe from most nasties. So far I have only played a Paladin and a Fighter but both rocked.

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Striker. I am the glass cannon.

I have played a Warlock, a Sorcerer, a Swordmage, and an Avenger. I am enjoying the Avenger most because I almost always hit the enemy.

It really sucked to miss with my Daily Powers over and over again: StarPact Warlock, we never really knew ye. :.-(


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Damage is fun, and lots of damage is lots of fun.

I also like how strikers have more of the get-out-of-jail-free cards than other classes have. Add in some tactical mobility, and the classes are a lot of fun to play with lots of options during fights.

Plus they have average or better skill choices plus decent levels in social skills(generally) and they are good out of combat also.

To me they seem the best well rounded characters in the game.
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Striker, but not because of the damage output - I just love playing rogues for their RP appeal.

I would say Leader as a close second because it has the Bard, for the same reason (RP appeal).


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Controller.. but only the Wizard. Invokers are decent but I don't like divine classes, so. But, as a highly tactical player, I just auto-win encounters as a Wizard so often. Monster knowledge check > perfect response > encounter win.

Second would be Leader, for the same reason.


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Leader wins it for me. I absolutely hated playing healers in 3.x, it seemed like the dullest thing. I found Wizards and Rogues to be much more interesting and exciting. But with the changes made, Leader has become the most interesting class for me.

Strikers and Controllers come next. I can't pick which one I like better than the other. Whenever I play either, I tend to lean toward a secondary leader or controller role. I like team play even as a striker.

Defenders are likely my least favorite to play. My problem with defenders is, I see fighter, and my eyes see nothing else. Every time I look at a defender class, all I can think of is how a fighter can do it better. That one dimensionality has me currently turned off from the defender role. However I always want one or two on my team, so I'm grateful for those who like to play defenders.


Oh, tough question. I'm tempted to say Defender, but that's really only because of the Swordmage, my favorite class. To be honest, the other Defender classes don't interest me. So I guess that isn't it.

I think Leader is probably my favorite. I really enjoy buffing other players and letting them do cool stuff. I guess I'm just a people-pleaser like that. I really like feeling useful... let's face it, you can get by alright without a Controller or even a Defender, but the game seriously changes without a Leader.


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Really don't know yet. I've played a warlord for 4 levels in person, a swordmage for 11 levels in person (well, I kind of skipped a couple of levels due to being out of town for a few months), and an invoker for two levels in PBP. Would have had a striker in PBP, too, but that game died in the middle of the opening combat scene.


tough question -- i think i like them all. just depends on what i'm in the mood to try or haven't tried in a while type thing.

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