What's Your (Favourite) Role?

Your Favourite Role

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1. Defender (Hello Swordmage!)
I love the mix of control, durability, versatility and outright coolness.
Defenders take some of the niftiness from all the other roles.


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Minor quibble: I understand the importance of roles, but to me it's all about the specific class.

I voted for striker, but that's because I absolutely adore my Half-Orc Rageblood Barbarian + Bear Warrior. I have something interesting to do every single round: slow and daze are barely obstacles due to charging with Howling Strike, and bonus attacks flow like water from Rampage and Swift Charge. And look, I got some THP. Plus, I get to growl "ROAR", at least until my fellow players get tired of it and put a bag over my head.

By contrast, although I enjoyed a damage-oriented Fighter that I briefly played, my Swordmage is much more fun in theory than in practice. Her Aegis of Shielding is hard to place (2 square range) and doesn't get triggered very often -- typically only once or twice per combat. In the last big encounter we had, she was almost useless because she had no ranged powers.

I think I would enjoy playing a Wizard, but only if I get a chance to play it my way. I want cool opportunities to use cantrips and rituals, and enough time and gold to play "party armorer" -- to craft magic items to turbo charge the entire party.


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Natural 20. Boo Yah.


Defender, as I like to be in the front taking the hits so the others don't have too. I see the Sorc doing 20+ damage per hit, compared to my 10+, but I'm ok with that.


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Leaders, then strikers.

I play mostly in LFR, so it's always a grab-bag assortment of characters; there seem to be a lot of strikers so defenders and leaders are always in demand. I just started playing a defender — it's ok but I guess I like the "back of the party" position better.

I've found controllers to be a bit too situational; sometimes they are uber useful, other times they are just like a weak striker.


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Leaders and Defenders most, followed a bit later by Strikers and Controllers.

I've got 3 Leaders, 2.5 Defenders, 1.5 Strikers, 1 Controller. Some of it is class-based at this point, though. Like I need to like more classes of most types before I play them.

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