What's Your (Favourite) Role?

Your Favourite Role


Really, I like every role -- though I've only played leaders, controllers, and strikers. I'd like to play some of the defender types. The thing about defenders is that even more than most roles, there's a lot of variation in how they actually play.
The best fighters are typically melee controllers -- either they're moving circles of pointy death -- or they're zones of control that pull the enemy in and keep them there (or both), but there are also more strikery fighters -- with single-target lockdown or just the ability to do a lot of damage to one target.
Wardens tend towards a different type of melee control -- instead of guarding an area and stopping movement through it, they inflict conditions like slowed and prone, not to mention dropping actual (not virtual) zones around themselves.
Swordmages vary -- but shielding swordmages are debuf masters who drop a big debuf on one target, and then use extra debuffs or striker-like tricks to save the party from others; by contrast, Assault swordmages are more like strikers, with (even more) movement tricks and good damage (and a mark that when violated, lets them up their DPR even more). And most swordmages do at least some burst controlling -- which makes sense, given that they're the only defender with an at-will close burst (and really, it's just them and monks)
Re other roles -- I love strikers for their big damage, mobility, and skills, controllers for their fun tactical play and knowledge skills, and leaders for their overall importance, tactical options, and the ability to reasonably give other players advice. And many classes in each role for rp oportunies, of course.

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Doctor Proctor

First Post
I voted for Defender because I absolutely LOVE my Fighter. I also just love the whole concept of a Defender in general, and it's always interesting to see the different ways that they all work and what they can bring to the table.

A close second though would be Striker. The character I'm currently running is a Sorcerer, and it's just loads of fun. I love getting the chance to drop an AP and just dump massive damage onto an enemy. I also love some of the combos that Sorcerers can set up, what with the powers that give penalties to certain defenses (I have one that gives a -2 to Fort, another that grants -7, and then a Daily that targets Fort as the coup de grace to finish him off) as well as the awesomeness that is ongoing damage and Storm of Energy (increases all instances of ongoing damage by 10)! :]


First Post
Defenders are likely my least favorite to play. My problem with defenders is, I see fighter, and my eyes see nothing else. Every time I look at a defender class, all I can think of is how a fighter can do it better. That one dimensionality has me currently turned off from the defender role. However I always want one or two on my team, so I'm grateful for those who like to play defenders.
Fighters are, arguably, the best designed and most versatile class in the game. I love Wardens and have a soft spot for Swordmages, but having played all three there is no comparison: Fighters are the outright best Defenders, especially if your group only has one Defender.


I voted Leader simply because I love the tactical warlord. I actually played for the first time in 25 years the other weekend (I have always DMed) just so I could play one because I enjoyed watching them from the other side of the screen and it did not disappoint!

I think my next favourite role would be Defender, either a fighter (I'm itching to try a half-orc brawler fighter for something different) or paladin (I've got a tiefling paladin ready to go for another LFR game soon with the "unleash the beast"-power from a Dragon article to replace the normal racial ability).

I think the other two roles are also interesting (I also want to try a changeling rogue one day, but that would have to be in a proper home campaign where the shapechanging would get more play than in the limits of an LFR adventure and an eladrin wizard or psion could also be fun) but tactical warlord suits me and my play style perfectly.

Lord Ernie

First Post
For me it's leader, followed closely by controller. I love giving other players bonuses, and messing with enemy strategies. I've got my sights set on playing a tactical warlord sometime, but for now, I'm happily playing my Invoker|Cleric (level 9); hell, my invoker encounter powers (lightning's revelation, rain of blood) are more leaderly than some of the cleric equivalents at that level.


First Post
Striker. I love the positioning tactical aspects of rogues and strikers who both damage and lay down conditions like the Warlock and Sorcerer. I'd say controller takes a close second as they get a lot of fun conditions to inflict but often have little positioning tactics beyond staying away from the action.

The only example of boring strikers I've personally seen played are both archer and two-weapon Rangers.

Must say I'm surprised to see that much love for Leader's. I figured they'd be last by a large margin. Not that I personally dislike the role as it's seen major improvements over the 3.x healers. But it is still the toughest role for someone to want to fill in my experience.


My vote goes to the defenders.

I am currently playing a large game with ~25 players (with mutliple DMs/encounter areas) that has 4 defenders currently in it. 2 Fighters, 1 Paladin, 1 Warden. They all perform the same sorta role but each of the defenders does it so vastly differently that it can influence how the rest of the party they go with act. Even just between the 2 fighters depending on which one is an a party the tactics vary, one is an elven glaive fighter where the party moves fast with him while the other fighter is a flail/shield fighter where the party stays back with him and let's him knock things prone.

It's just how much the party dynamic can change depending on how the defender is built and how the party fights alongside him makes me love defenders of all forms.

Defenders win for me. Fighters have always held a special place in my heart, so my first 4e character has been one. (I've also seen two paladins and a warden in action. They all rock.)

Second place goes to leaders, but only because I played my first ardent (euphoric) yesterday. Lots of fun, and almost feels like a striker.

Strikers come third. I'm itching to try a wild sorcerer sometime, they seem fun to play.

Controllers come last. They're just not very attractive to me.


First Post
Voted Controller - but mainly as I have more knowledge of that than the others (Lvl 18 Wiz vs Fighter, Rogue, Warlock & Cleric none past Lvl 5). I like the Leader concept next best but the "chill-out and focus on damage" of the Striker is a nice break.

I must say I love being the Controller in a Defender-less party (Tho our Druid can tank and put out Striker damage) as it makes the use of non-damage abilities so much more rewarding when you can see the party relax when the mobs stop being so painful.

1. Leader: I find it creative. And everyone is nice to you.
2. Defender: Just the fun of fighting toe-to-toe really.
3. Controller: This one probably fits me best, psychologically-speaking. My life lacks mystery, so I tend to like magic, and controllers can hang back in the ranks.

I like Swordmages. And it's funny because decades ago, I detested the concept of a wizard with a sword.

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