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What's your favourite version or variation of D&D?


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As some others have said, different versions offer different things. All in all, I'd have to say...a 1-2e hybrid...so I guess a houseruled 2e is tops. Gives me plenty of class options (esp. adding in kits) while keeping the AD&D class structure...and the slightly expanded flavor of the "non-weapon proficiencies" without getting bogged down in an endless "skill" list...sure there's other pluses.

So, yeah, I'll give 2e the top slot.

Close second, B/X. Just simple. Pure fun. Easy in...plus nostalgia points....Actually, maybe they're tied.

Yeah, 2e and B/X both work for me.

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Hmmm... simple question, but hard for me to answer.

In terms of running a campaign, I'd think I have to go with AD&D or AD&D 2e. More complex systems like 3e, Pathfinder, and 4e don't offer enough to me-as-DM to compensate for the time-cost, both at the table & during prep-time, caused by their more complicated mechanics. As the years have go by, I've come to realize I like to run the game as fast and loose as possible.

I *almost* managed that with a long-running 3e campaign I DM'ed, but I was lucky to have a great group of players who didn't mind whole sessions going by with little interaction w/the formal rules system.

When it comes to playing, I can't really say. When I've only got a single PC to build/run/advance, I'm happy to have all the added mechanical options offered by the later editions. Since I haven't played anything earlier than 3e in 15+ years, I'm not sure how satisfying the lack of mechanical complexity would be.

I think I'd really enjoy it, but I've got no evidence to back that up.


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Here's another nomination for Arcana Unearthed, which is a wonderful demonstration of how to bond the d20 mechanics to a wonderfully evocative setting. Honestly, I like everything I've seen Monte Cook touch, from 3E to AU to Numenera. Heck, I'll even give him credit for some unknown portion of D&D Next.


From best to least:

My houseruled B/X, 2e, 1st edition, any version of the Next playtest, non houseruled B/X or BECMI, 2.5, 4th edition, Trailblazer, 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder.

13th Age isn't grabbing me, but I don't really know where to slot it in.


For me it would fall somewhere between 2e and 3e. While 3e is more internally consistant, I don't really like some of the directions the game took in 3.5. And I like 2e's flavor better, even if the rules are clunky. Basic isn't a bad game, but it's too bare-bones for my taste. 1e is before my time. I'm not interested in 4e.


First edition AD&D. I would describe 1e as being like a wild-eyed homeless-looking person who sits beside you on the train and starts talking loudly in a way that doesn't make much sense at first and you want to tune him out, but if you listen and talk with him for a while you realize he's actually a really interesting person with some insightful things to say.


While I've grown quite enamored with 13th Age and I continue to enjoy Pathfinder, I would have to say my favorite "version" of D&D is Dungeon Crawl Classics. IMO this game, more than any other version of D&D I've played out the box, captures the feel of the type of appendix N and sword and sorcery fantasy I enjoy reading. The character funnel that players go through at zero level speaks to the numerous nobody's that tend to populate the fiction and die left and right... yet upon reaching 1st level (and beyond) the character's are surprisingly robust just like true appendix N/S&S heroes tend to be. The adventure support by Goodman which IMO gears towards the S&S fiction in the vein of Moorcock and Leiber vs. Howard is top notch, and the fact that Goodman Games have kept their promise of no supplement treadmill and the game is fully contained in one book is also a plus in my eyes. I have played DCC as a couple of one shots but think I'll be giving it a go as a full campaign to level 10 in the near future.



Favorite D&D game: 3.x - I really enjoyed my run as a player. It had more "stuff" than 1e (which I started with) but it still "felt" like D&D. As GM I rarely had to house rule stuff - I had players that might push things, but not to the point of breaking things. I enjoyed the open and building block architecture of the game. But there are things that wore on me that prevents me from wanting to run/pay it anymore. As a player, the game eventually gets too slow and I get disruptive if I get bored. As a GM, the prep time just killed it for me. The system wants more of me that I am willing to give it these days.

Favorite game for fantasy: Savage Worlds - the mechanics are not anything close to D&D, but running or playing the game just hearkens back to those wild and crazy 1e days. Its like nostalgia packaged in a great game system for me. Plus I can run different flavors of fantasy and not have to fight D&Disms - if I want to run Conan or Lankhmar, players seem more willing to get into that and not fight back with "ok, so long as I get to run an elf wizard".

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