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5E When do you think a character build concept reaches maturity?

At what level should a character concept/build reach fruition?

  • 1-2

  • 3-4

  • 5-6

  • 7-8

  • 9-10

  • 11-12

  • 13-14

  • 15-16

  • 17-18

  • 19-20

  • Epic levels

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Arcadian Knight
Seems like no poll is ever simple. ;)
Wait now you are doing understatement instead of snarky hyperbolic and reversions. (ok balanced bits in there too) but oooh.

Wording of polls is a massive influence on the results you get it takes some very talented sociologists and linguists at pew polls not to mention triangulation on hanswers to get something useful. Poll taker biases have even more impact.

A character concept should be viable and recognizable from 1st level through to the end of the campaign. The character can grow & develop, but it should never seem like it's just 'paying its dues' or marking time until it's story can finally begin.

Since this is tagged 5e, I guess that means sub-class should have been available to all classes at 1st.
Oh well.
"3rd is the new 1st?" No?
I tried.
5th Tony 5th ...

I am agreeing with Pythons Arthur on this one
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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I’d say level 4 in 4e is where the character is fully the concept, @Garthanos .

In 5e, they come into their own in terms of competence around 5, but a lot of concepts are fully represented by level 3, and then develop from there.

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