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Pathfinder 1E When the min-maxer tries to build your character for you.


Looking for group
The good news is that Fate's fate-point system is easily tacked on to any other game. I've even got plans to tack it onto my next Champions game. Only, since it's supers, I'll be calling it Soap instead of Fate.
A serendipitous feature indeed! Reminds me, I should start looking again for a gaming group...I've only got one weekly group at the moment (alternating Torg & Blades in the Dark).

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Once per week aint too bad. I've got 2 groups but (except recently while we've been in lockdown) they never got together more than 1x/ month. Usually less.


I've been on both ends of the scale - instigator and victim. Overall, I like to make characters that are interesting, fun and at least a little unusual, but at the same time aren't dead weight. And it does annoy me when someone puts together a character that gets played in a way that is heading in the direction it'll get mine killed as well.

Sometimes I can't help saying something, but I try to watch my mouth. After all, it's not my character and as long as they are having fun and it's not at my expense, I try to let them roll with it. If I do offer advice, I always try and word it as "You know you could..." instead of making it an order; if they don't take my advice, well, that's their choice. Some people though, can really push my buttons - there's two in my group right now that really grind my teeth sometimes and make me headdesk often, and I just have to grin and bear it.

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