Just came back from my regular session. I have been DMing for years and recently found a group to play in in stead of run. Now, I realize we are in a hobby where the average intelligence is much higher than the norm, but this is when you know we don't quite think right. The group is investigating a Count who appears to have shady dealings so we apprehended his exchequer with all of his books. The following conversation ensued:

Me (Cleric) - So, do you have your masters' records for the last year.
DM (as Mr Smith, exchequer) - *pulling several thick books from a pile* Yes, what would you like to know?
Me - What purchases has he made in the last year?
DM - January 1; three boiled eggs and a ham, 2 gp, 3 sp. January 2, ..
Me - *interrupting* Wait, this could take a while OOC - We need someone else to do this.
DM - *jokingly* you mean like halfing accountants?
Me- *laughs*
Steve (playing Rogue and in all seriousness says) - I ask the council, Do you have any forensic accountants?

Play stops, time passes and laughter ensues.

The game pretty much ended there as the rest of the night was a flurry of CSI jokes; such as:

"I'm Bill Brissom Furrybottom, CSA, Crime Scene Accounting"
"Yes, I'm with the FBA - Forensic Bookkeeping and Accounting"
DoHS - Department of Halfling Securities
Dwarven number crunchers use hammers!
etc, etc, etc.

Has your game ever degenerated into something like this after someone makes a SERIOUS comment that just didn't quite fit in?

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I have found that the most serious stuff said at a session generates the most humor. Obvious jokes get a quick round of laughter and are then set aside. Your group seems perfectly normal to me, and a fun one too.:)


Yeah, but I never returned to that group to know what became of it. I don't mind a bit of joking, but to disrupt the game for the remaining time we have, I don't like at all.

The one in guestion involved body hair, and things went downhill from there. It is no fun for me to play and end up doing something else and lose the rhythm. There is a time that things need to be reigned back in and the DM should be trying to do so, and not cause the game to end because of silliness.

Let me know in advance so I don't lug a bunch of junk around to jsut shoot the :):):):) and crack jokes.

Now some games have had running gags due to things like that, but only the one ended (for me) because of it.


But seriously

When I was running "The Standing Stones", the PC's did try to do some forensic accounting. Since the mage had it in his background that he used to be a scribener for merchants, I let them try it and gave them some vague hints. :)


Has your game ever degenerated into something like this after someone makes a SERIOUS comment that just didn't quite fit in?

Once in a while, friends find that the game can be put on hold for the remainder of an evening while they discuss other things or just joke around. Looks like you found a group that is a good fit. Have fun! :)

I'm A Banana

They're usually more out of character goofiness.

Like when playing Keep on the Shadowfell, making jokes about Kalarel being "Superman" (Kal-el!).

Halfling accountants isn't a half bad idea, I'd let that fly with total seriousness in my games. ;)

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