D&D 5E When's the next info dump?

When, pray, can we expect WotC to do another playtest event such as this? Is there another one scheduled, or are we at "wait and see" point?

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I would expect there to be playtest events at GenCon as well.

People who played at DDXP, get in on the "open beta" starting in spring, and then attend GenCon will get a good look at the evolution of the design.


Woot?!?! Where did you get that? They said that in the spring they will start an open playtest the guys who played at DDXP where invited to the friends and familiy playtests.

You know, this is how rumors start.



How's that work?

"Sorry, I can't tell you what's in the game. However, I can point you at this link where you can go look at what's in the game."

Or do you have to be a DDI subscriber?
This is what I was thinking.

I sure hope you don't have to be an Insider since I am dropping my sub when it expires.

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