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D&D General Where did the Belt of Dwarvenkind come from?


The gender-swap girdle can easily be a treasure: an elven "House of Corellon" magic item. No reason to make the belt irreversible. You choose whatever gender form you want (male, female, both, neither) while wearing it, and revert when removing the item. A male character who wants to appear hyper-masculine as a "manly man" during a certain encounter might also want to use this item.

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Generally no, but hypothetically there's nothing stopping them from doing so. Nonetheless, a less gender-linked article of clothing might be a better choice. Perhaps gloves, which everyone uses and emphasizes those opposable thumbs we find so useful for not being an animal.

No idea what a "human item" would do. Maybe grant an extra feat or something?

Pretty sure there's already an item that grants a dragonborn breath weapon in at least one edition, although I don't think it was called out as a "species item" explicitly.
I'd go with either hat or pantaloons myself. That way, you could have the cloak and boots of elvenkind, the girdle of dwarvenkind, and the <pants/hat> of humanity. Probably pants, there are hardly any magic pants so it wouldn't have much competition. Add in a hat of disguise, a halfling fullpipe, some kind of shirt and some kind of gloves, and you'd have a full panoply letting you pass as any of the "core four" plus half-elf.

Perhaps invent some items relating to tieflings and dragonborn, maybe a baldric of dragonborn and gloves of fiendkin?

Sounds like the kind of gaudy ensemble a bard would wear to, somehow, someway, blend in no matter where he goes.


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This is exactly what happens at the start of Baldur's Gate 1, when one of the first "real" foes you fight is an ogre between the starting area of Candlekeep and the first quest destination of the Friendly Arm Inn. The ogre drops two belts, and since the game automatically detects all magic items, but since you're also very unlikely to have identify by this point, of course you're going to put both on without knowing what they are - and one is the girdle of masculinity/femininity as a gotcha. Thankfully, as a video game, you can always re-load (or learn the lesson that saving often is a good idea in this sort of game); or, just keep your new gender-swapped character if you want.

Turning Edwin into Edwina is the way to go with that item.


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I am currently wearing a belt of…gotta find it! There you are! Dwarven belly belt of ale swilling. It only seems to have an effect if worn under my belly.

Not sure if my beard is attributed to it or not…but my kids say it grows super fast…

And to think this belt was found in a trove at Kohl’s!

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