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Just a reminder as various Xocial Media places collapse around us, here are all the places you can find me and EN Publishing. https://linktr.ee/morrus

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i have had no issues with it, he is naming it like he has space X and such.
Had Musk created a holding company called X or why not Evil Overlord Inc that would be one thing.

But saying goodbye to a household name that led people to call messages "tweets" and sending them "to tweet", and also to switch to something that's basically impossible to web search easily makes two entries on my top 10 list of most stupid business decisions ever.

It's as if some hare-brained executive at Google would suggest to rename the search service and lose the way people "google" things, not bing things or search things.

My brain hurts because of how dumb this move is when I think about it.

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