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Which books do you re-read regularly?

Hungry Hobbit

Watership Down
To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis
Peter S. Beagle's books
Harry Potter
Guy Gavriel Kay's books
Pride and Prejudice
CS Lewis
Neil Gaiman
Richard Dawkins
Assortment of history and paleontology
I had completely forgotten about Watership Down, i read that so many times when i was younger, i think i need to get a copy and give it another go!

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Hungry Hobbit

I read it every summer. I just really like it, flaws and all. The rabbits feel very rabbity, not fuzzy long eared humans.
i used to finish reading it and go straight back to the start. I know what you mean, it had such a bittersweet ending, jest left me wanting more. I am definitely going to read it again now!

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