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Which decade would you choose?


Final Form
But, thanks to Morrus's stipulation that you can't act on knowledge of the future, you CAN'T give your younger self that advice....
Ah, the stipulation was that I can't use my knowledge of the future for my advantage. My intervention has already created a separate timeline which I am bound to live out on my own. No reason I should let this timeline's version of me suffer through what I had to.

I think every one has contemplated giving advise to ones younger self.
That scenario I agree is pretty common. The rarity I mentioned is in contemplating how you would react if your future self visited you, and they had a different gender identity and expression from you. For younger me, it would have answered some questions, but raised so, so many more.

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Pretty easily the 90s. The wall in Berlin is down and Germany just re-unified, but social security nets are still pretty tight and you can still hope to buy a house with a middle class income. Also IT is starting to spread, so my skills are not totally useless.
On the media side, there's solid video games, Goth Rock&Metal, some TV shows which I remember fondly, and playing Shadowrun is still cool.
And on top of that, I actually get to enjoy it more since I am no longer an angsty teenager.


1920s. I like the music and the elegance. Cars were becoming mainstream. Lots of art and men were men. Apollo was making it big. Lots of great art movements. And I love the farming life and rural life too. Lots of great bluegrass music being developed. Too bad the 1930s had to follow it.


That’s the second post now where someone said “when men were men”. What does that even mean? Having grown up on a farm, and spent time in the military, I have an idea of what it’s usually meant to refer to (none of it good), but I don’t want to make assumptions.


That’s the second post now where someone said “when men were men”. What does that even mean? Having grown up on a farm, and spent time in the military, I have an idea of what it’s usually meant to refer to (none of it good), but I don’t want to make assumptions.
Presumably when toxic masculinity was the norm and "wimmin knew their place."




Dying in Chargen
Makes me think of the Douglas Adams Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy quote describing the old days of the galactic empire. "Men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri."
Yes! I remember that, he had the same sort of energy saying that. It is an expression past its expiration date.


The other thing about "Real men etc." is that it reminds me, that once you go past a certain period, and that period varies by location, one's behaviour, as a man or a woman, becomes more narrowly constrained by social norms. Stepping outside those norms could be dangerous. Unless one had money, the wealthy were allowed their little peccadilloes.


None of them. I wouldn't want to give up the conveniences of modern technology for anything the 20th century had to offer, even if the current culture wars make me sick.

The 80s would probably be my choice if I were forced kicking and screaming, but that's probably just childhood nostalgia talking before I was too young to notice real problems in the world.

The 90s? Overrated. Too many squandered opportunities and mistakes from world leaders which just laid the foundation for today's problems. The initial Internet bubble just masked underlying problems under a false veneer of prosperity.

As for the rest, forget it.

1900s? Still culturally in the abominable 19th Century. Teddy Roosevelt is the decade's only saving grace.

1910s? WWI. 'Nuff said.

1920s? Better than most, assuming you live in the Anglosphere or even France. You don't want to live in Russia, or China, or Germany, or just about anywhere else though. And things do not end well at all. It's also 100 years ago at this point, and I wouldn't want to go that far back.

1930? Worst decade without a World War. The Depression, the rise of fascism, Stalin running the Soviet Union into the ground, Japan rampaging through a civil war torn China; who the hell in their right mind would want to live in this decade?

1940s? WWII. 'Nuff said.

1950s? Decent amount of postwar prosperity, but American culture is dominated by stodgy buttheads. Okay, I'm white, straight, male, and not a liberal, so I'd probably fare better than others, but I don't have a rosy eyed nostalgic view of the 50s. And it's still 70 years back, so everything is woefully outdated for me. America the only place you want to be, because everyone else is rebuilding from WWII, decolonizing, or behind the Iron Curtain. Well, there's Canada too I guess. Maybe Australia and New Zealand as well.

1960s? Gag. Rising social unrest, Vietnam, hippies, and other various problems combined with a culture that mostly sucked. And then by the end, all the pstwar prosperity is over.

1970s? Even worse than the 60s. Stagflation and other economic problems galore, Watetgate and its aftermath, the energy crises, a total lack of style from EVERYONE (the 80's doesn't get a free pass on style at ALL though, WTF was that decade thinking!?) disco and so on. I had the misfortune of being born in this horrid armpit of a decade.

So yeah, the 20th century was probably still on of the best centuries since H. sapiens "evolved*", but I wouldn't want to return to it, at least not blind. Gray's Sports Almanac style cheating is the only way I'd want to do it, though I'd likely go stocks instead (sell in 1987 and then again in 1999!) Or have fun rampaging in New York's real estate market at the time where I can enjoy the sublime pleasure of stomping on people like Donald Trump and Leona Helmsley. But I'm the kind of guy you would not want to give a time machine to, because I would deliberately start screwing with the timeline everywhere.

Note that some of this is very much tongue in cheek.

*"Evolved" in the sense one should expect from a very cynical misanthrope who notes with disdain and contempt how much human behavior is not at all far removed from the rest of the apes.
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Cosigned. There was so much happening musically back then - being able to see Sabbath, Rainbow, Bowie. To be there at the start of so many new genres - to catch bands like Bauhaus, The Damned, and Throbbing Gristle when they were new (of which, granted, I've seen all but TG).

But also, to be there at the start of the great 70s fantasy boom - to be able to casually stroll into a bookstore (also, heck, to just be able to casually stroll into a bookstore) and pick up the Ballantine Adult Fantasy line. And yes, to be there at the very start of D&D.

The 70s, so I can listen to those Black Sabbath and Deep Purple albums as they are released and see them in concert, then I could cruise through the 80s, which I have a pretty decent memory of, then check out for a bit in the 90s. Bonus, I could also buy D&D when it first comes out as well.

I wouldn't mind having another go at the 80s as an adult instead of a kid.

Honestly, the only way I'd want to go back in time would be with a memory wipe. Knowing what's coming would just be a burden.

The 80's.
1) I could get to see all my favorite greatest bands live in their prime!
2) I could get to talk with Gygax and all the other creators.
3) Seeing good (and not so good) music videos!
4) My line of work was great down in the 80's. (Power Engineer).
5) To play Intelivision and Atari again along with the Commodore 64. Ho god...
and Finally...
Arcades and Baseball! I'd get to see great games from the Expos again! (and this time live! not on T.V.)


I think my second choice would be the 70s, because that was a decade where you could still just jump on your motorcycle and ride cross country, staying with local groups along the way and just existing. Overall there were a lot of negative things about the 70s, but there were some good things too, namely in the arts. To be able to see RUSH, Bowie, Queen, Genesis, Alice Cooper, Van Halen, LZ, Black Sabbath, etc before they became megastars, in local venues would have been awesome. If I were an adult in the 70s, I would probably travel around the world just seeing bands.


Hobbit on Quest
That’s the second post now where someone said “when men were men”. What does that even mean? Having grown up on a farm, and spent time in the military, I have an idea of what it’s usually meant to refer to (none of it good), but I don’t want to make assumptions.
I think you can go ahead and make those assumptions. It's pretty much always a red flag phrase, if you ask me.


It's funny how many of the choices are being made based on music, entertainment, and pop culture. Probably says more about our media-saturated mindset today than anything else.

Non-entertainment factors such as housing affordability, social cohesion, family life, access to jobs and education, etc. shape peoples' happiness far more than the pop music top-40, home technology, or the game systems available . Though I suppose it's difficult to talk about the former without veering into politics.

So I'll go with the 60s. IMHO, it was actually the early 60s through mid-60s, rather than the late-60s, that saw a tremendous creative outburst in film, fiction, music, etc. The films of Kubrick, music of the Beatles and John Coltrane, and the New Wave of science fiction and fantasy must have been heady stuff to experience first-hand.


Victoria Rules
Hard one.

I'd go with the 20's - well, '22 to '29 - were it not for all that prohibition nonsense. If I can't party, I'm not going. :)

After that, it's cross-decades that work best.

1945-1955 in Canada or the US would be cool, with all the post-war optimism and boom.

1975-1985 in many places would also be cool for the culture aspects, before the internet kinda ruined a lot of things.


Limit Break Dancing
I'm all over the place. I'd pick the '30s for fashion, the 1970s for television and music, the 1980s for movies, TTRPGs, and video games, and the 1990s for video games and the rest of the music. For food and technology, I think I'd stay right here.