D&D 5E Which "iconic" racial trait for the PHB races would you pick? (+)


More than a little surprised to see even a single vote in this direction. Would you be willing to explain why? (Obviously if it's just "that's how I feel," then there's not much that can be said, but I suspect you have Thoughts on the subject!)
I'd like to use them as ersatz-Slithzerikai (from the Avernum series of computer games) who have resistance to fire damage but no breath weapons. I also think you could do something interesting, culturally, with various ethnicities who are resilient against various energy types and so incorporate them into their daily lives. In contrast, the breath weapon is just "I have a gun you can't take away from me."

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Steeliest of the dragons
  • Dwarf - Stonecunning
  • Elf - Keen Senses
  • Halfling - Naturally Stealthy
  • Human (Variant) - NONE. Humans are the baseline. There's nothing special about them, "variant" or not.
  • Dragonborn - Breath Weapon
  • Gnome - Speak with Small Beasts
  • Half-Elf - Skill Versatility
  • Half-Orc - Relentless Endurance
  • Tiefling - Infernal Legacy

  • Dwarf - Stonecunning
  • Elf - Fey Ancestry
  • Halfling - Lucky
  • Human (Variant) - Feat
  • Dragonborn - Breath Weapon (Blah! IMO not very interesting!)
  • Gnome - Natural Illusionist
  • Half-Elf - Skill Versatility
  • Half-Orc - Relentless Endurance
  • Tiefling - Hellish Resistance

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