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Which RPGs did you play in 2023?

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5e - regular weekly campaign
Traveller - online game
Call of Cthulhu - ran for my family on vacation 3 or 4 sessions
Dungeon Crawl Classics - online game
Home Brew Fantasy RPG rules - regular weekly campaign

I did not play in any RPGs this past year. That's really my preference - I would join a campaign to learn a new RPG, but otherwise I love game mastering.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Eh, didn’t know this was a thing (in the making). Different from 1e?
It's the original designers (Rob Heinsoo & Jonathan Tweet), and they have promised to keep the math in the same place so that all of the previous Bestiaries and adventures are still valid and usable.

The first 2e playtest document felt like they took the 1e book, and were just redoing various sections of it. Icon relationships, some changes with recoveries and the highest tiers of play. Tweaking or redoing classes and races (now called Kin). A good amount of things from 13th Age Glorantha that people liked. Tweaking combat actions and conditions. Updating the core book monsters from being such D&D clones (vs. the wonderful lore and inventiveness show in both Bestiary books). Magic item updates. Looks like they removed the Natural Roll stuff from the fighter and went to a selection of maneuvers - though in 13th Age spell style some are at-will, some are per encounter, some have a recharge, so you build as you want.

There was a big delay when Rob's dad passed away, so things have been progressing slower than expected.

After a long hiatus, I began running D&D again. Now that my latest book is also complete, I can actually enjoy running the thing I've been working on, and it feels good. Will be running a new campaign of Mythic Bastionland next year too.

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