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Which RPGs did you play in 2023?

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Bruce Baugh, Writer of Fortune
Star Trek Adventures: Captain’s Log

The equivalent of a few sessions each. I’m still mapping out how to best handle playing within the current constraints of disability. Next year I hope to have more extended adventures and to try solo mode for Vaesen and/or The One Ring.

This year I played kind of a lot, thanks to two weekly sessions plus some online con/pickup games. About 100 sessions total, from most to least played:

Star Wars hack of Scum and Villainy
Dark Sun hack of Wicked Ones
Homebrew 2d20 science fantasy game
Blades in the Dark
Blade Runner
1e (two-shot, using Bloom and In Other Waters: Tidebreak)
Trophy Gold (one-shot)
Trophy Dark (one-shot)
Savage Rifts (one-shot)
Fabula Ultima (one-shot)
Against the Dark Conspiracy (one-shot)
Lasers & Feelings (one-shot in one hour!)

And if my luck holds, a one-shot of Lighthearted next week.

EDIT: The Lighthearted one-shot worked out, and it was a lot of fun. Nothing I'd ever run—or probably want to play a full campaign of—but it's a really smart system, with an "emotion dice" mechanic that keeps you thinking and playing like a teenager.
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Golden Procrastinator
I played very little this year. In fact, I think that this is likely the year that I've played the least since 1985, when I begun with Mentzer Basic D&D.
  1. I've run a brief playtest adventure for 13th Age 2nd edition.
  2. I keep playing in a very slow moving AD&D PBEM.
  3. I've ran some sessions of a OSR/D&D-clone that I've been building. Lack of time and mental energy has forced me to suspend this, but possibly next year, I'll get back to it.
  4. I've run a single session of Shadowdark.
  5. I've been a guest player a few times in a Farsight (5e based, Sci-Fi game with strong Mass Effect influences in the setting) game that a friend of mine is running.
  6. I've begun playing in a 5e adventure which should conclude in a month or two.

Hopefully, I'll play far more in 2024.

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