Whirtlestaff's Wizards' Academy Revisited, IC01


This is the new, in-character action thread for Whirtlestaffs, Revisited.

Here we go, then:

Classes have just let out for the summer, it's Wednesday, May 23, 2112 Y.M. The students are leaving for the summer. All except, that is, Kerlan Rayne, Human Conjurer, Xavier Zalev, Human Master Enchanter, Delunamanth ‘Tylara’ Tylarapelotheenia, Grey Elf Conjurer, Manunukso "Manny" Maliit, Brownie Transmuter, Max, Human Diviner, and Capizzio Del Collinas, Human Generalist Wizard. The six of you have no special plans for the summer, so you have decided to spend the time at Whirtlestaffs, in Kasiavael "the Skysight Realm." Kasiavael is one of two realms on an island off the Northeast coast of the mainland of the continent of Termana, the other being Ehitovael ("the Southsea Realm"). Both Kasiavael and Ehitovael have populations that are predominantly elvish, and Kasiavael is an Oligarchy whose rulers are the Council of High Magi. This realm provides a very wizard-friendly environment that was greatly favored by the founders of Whirtlestaffs.

Our six aspiring wizards have been asked by Professor Daniel J. Claret ("Jack") to deliver a gift for him to his friend, Crus. The gift is in a rectangular box made of birchwood stained a dark blue, fourteen inches by fourteen inches, and eight inches deep. Crus lives on the mainland, in the small village of Twain, which is located in Quail Valley. Professor Jack has indicated that you may take all the time that you need to perform this errand, because, he tells you, Quail Valley is a most interesting place to visit. He encourages you to spend some time there, and to be open to any, in his words, "quintessential dalliances" that may present themselves to you. Professor Jack is known on the Whirtlestaffs campus as something of a "wild" sort, so none of you are quite certain what you have gotten yourselves into by agreeing to perform this errand for him, but you are uniformly convinced that it will, if nothing else, be more fun than staying here at Whirtlestaffs all summer long, acting as lab assistants for Professor Jackamo Rubyshard.

Play begins as the group reaches the village of Pembrose on the River Wren, just at the edge of the Forest of Nin, which is just to the north of the Gaskar Hills, and is the first settlement that you have come upon in Quail Valley. You have been traveling by barge along the River Wren. As you disembark at the docks, a dock worker, in answer to your query, tells you that the nearest place to get a pint is the Lonesome Drake Inn and Brewery. "There it is, just there." The man points to a large building a couple hundred yards from where you now stand, across a road. There are a few people visible in the streets of the village, and you see the usual array of shops, but nothing extraordinary. (One more thing, allowing for your travel time, it is now Tuesday, May 29, 2112 Y.M.)

{You May Now Begin....}
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Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
Manunukso Maliit ('Manny')

"Well, friends, I say we head to the recommended establishment for a pint . . . well, maybe a dram instead for me. Professor Jack did say we should take our time and experience whatever we could!

Let's go, Kási!"

The diminutive wizard pulls himself astride his faithful mount and bodyguard, adjusts his rapier, and waits for his companions to join him.



"Well, it doesn't sound like much, but I suspect it is the best this one duck town has to offer." She can't help smiling at her own wit. "Let's see if a wee dram is to be had here at the Lonesome Drake." She lets her eagle familiar take wing. "Have a look around and find yourself something to eat," she tells the bird as it departs. Hoisting her bag she looks to see if the others are ready to proceed.


First Post
Xavier stretches his legs and arms as he gets off the barge, not that it was too cramped on the boat, but he didn't like sea travel and always felt confined. He would be discussing things during the trip with his raven, Mike, and the bird would also talk to others of the crew.

"Well, I'm up for some real food after the rations we've been eating" Xavier says with a grimace, thinking of those rations always brought that look to his face. "Oh yeah, that pint sure sounds great right about now."

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Capizzio is excited as a can be as he arrives on land. the solidity of terra firma is most welcome as the rolling sea made his sense of balence off.He joins the others in going for a pint to settle his slightly frazzeled nerves.


OOC: I'll give Kerlan a while longer to check in, and then I'll go ahead and advance things. And we've got another one coming, too! rossrebailey playing Max! Jump in anytime, Kerlan and Max!
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renau1g said:
...his raven, Mike, would also talk to others of the crew.
Xavier learns a thing or two about the barge travel in this area from what Mike hears from the crew. There are two river routes that make stops in Pembrose. One on the River Wren to the north, and one on the Quail River that goes to the east toward Twain. Both routes make stops in other villages in Quail Valley, but Pembrose, po-dunk burg that it is, is the largest village on either route.

OOC: This is merely an [Aside] while we wait for Kerlan and Max.
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Kerlan gets off the ship a tad bit unsteady but still upbeat. He's been on boats before but not a big ship, and not for so long either. It was quite an experience. "Sounds good to me. Let's go."

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OOC: Kerlan, can you put your speech in color, so it shows up differently from the rest of your post? Thanks!
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