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Whispers in the Night

Satin Knights

First Post
After a long while, Kalinn reappears in the world and shimmies down the rope. Perplexed and with a worried look on her face, she looks about. With no one seemingly around and nothing else to do here, she quietly lets herself out.

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Satin Knights

First Post

Having put one pawn into play, it was now time to moving a few more around the chessboard of life. But, first preparations had to be made. Moving a couple tapestries, one side chamber is revealed while another that would not be needed is hidden from curious eyes. Stocking it with spellbooks and a writing table, those would be the things he needs. She also sets out a fruit bowl in the main chamber, as it wouldn't do well in the side chamber.

With the preparations done, she does a bit of spying to see of they are ready. With a bit of scrying, she finds he is quite busy. Fighting a salamander and a few mephits, in a lava chamber, their home environment, "Bold." she mutters to herself. Watching as the lady of water goes toe to toe with the serpent of fire, with the passion of a zealot, she is impressed. The treeman also impresses her and would make another fine soldier in this war. "They are an unexpected surprise. They will do nicely. But, then I need more..."

... chairs. Not accustomed to having more than one guest at a time, she shuffles things around her home until she has enough chairs for the guests. "Let's see, what would they need? Oh, they are those. Well, that is a problem." Going upstairs to her bedroom, she looks through her jewelry box. Then a second one. Finally, she finds what she needs. "Takes care of that pesky problem."

Returning back downstairs, she sits down to relax for a moment before checking in again. Scrying this time, she sees that the battle and cleanup are over.

Using a sending, she summons the wizard, {{I have work for you. Be at my front door at your soonest convenience. Bring the two charming ladies. See you in five minutes.}}

Dutifully he replies, "{{Understood. Finishing our current mission now. Malkovian says hello. Be outside with company within five minutes."}}

She notifies the door knockers to expect someone. {{Boys, we have company coming. Two returning clients and three fresh faces.}}

Satin Knights

First Post
Outside: The massive oak double doors, twenty feet tall, are large enough that one assumes even a fire giant would be comfortable entering this place. A raised wooden porch, extending from the building twenty feet in every direction marks a territory few dare to tread. Although the building is set off from, and higher than its neighbors, it seems to be cloaked in shadows. The walls are polished gray stone and contain no windows.

With a rush of air and an audible pop, a man, two ladies and a treant are standing on the porch. Passers by turn away, shunning the new arrivals, not wanting to notice or be noticed.

If you approach the door, a pair of knockers greet you.
"Good evening. And your name is?".......... "Do you have an appointment?"



First Post
Anaerion, having done this twice already, says "I apologize for the late arrival. Anaerion and Malkovian, escorting Elenka Danyllova and her companion Drevezh'Korol, along with Arianna and her companion Teq Oola." He indicates them with a gesture of his hand the 3 standing there. "Mother sent word to me that she was expecting us via a Sending, but I am hope I am not to late."

The bodyless voice that accompanied them "Hows it knocking guys?" a small laugh and Malkovian continues with "I missed you guys."

Satin Knights

First Post
"Well, at least you hurried." "But we can't let you in looking like that!" "Muddy boots and feet." "You think we are going to let you track mud across her carpets?" "Clean yourselves up!"

"Um, um..." While Anaerion has the perfect spell, he hadn't plan for its use in the grubby cavern, so it was not memorized in the past few days.

Both of the door knockers let out a heavy sigh. "Very well... Kerplitzipless." Swirls of wind surrounds the group and start picking away the dirt and mud. After the initial tempest, the winds become more uniform, flattening out wrinkles and straightening out hair. After a couple moments, the party is properly cleaned up.

The two large oak doors open to a massive chamber. In the middle of a rather empty room, an elven woman sits reading a book. She calls out, in a voice a little loud, "Come to do more shopping? And you brought new customers, Good, good." The voice seems to echo through the room and out the door. After you move into the room, the doors slam shut with a heavy thud.

"Well, that should be enough to keep any audience placated."

"Thank you for coming." When someone inhales to speak, she raises her finger to her lips to shush them. She stands and starts walking towards one of the murals on the wall, "This way please." The scene in the picture is one of a wooded grove standing around a druidic circle of stones. She nonchalantly walks through the wall and into the scene.

Following her, the wall doesn't seem to give way, but more be a doorway to another world. Humid and warm, the smell of pine is strong. Following behind her on the path after thirty feet or so, it suddenly gives way to another scene. This time, it is a simple library, dry and cool, with all the walls lined in book shelves.

Once everyone makes it to the library, she picks up a piece of rope from the table and tosses it in the air. With a quick word, the rope stands and leads to a new destination. She waves you up into the rope trick.

[sblock=ooc]Having taken precautions to have private conversations, those conversations will take place via PMs. :heh:[/sblock]


First Post
Elenka and Drevezh'korol: summoner and wood man

Anaerion has still explained very little but Elenka doesn't let it trouble her. She has heard tell of the mysterious ways of wizards and the futility of getting them to explain any of the arcane twistings of their minds. She is quite entertained by the doorknockers but Drevezh'korol pays them little mind: he is instead admiring the finish and the beautiful grain of the oaken doors.

Elenka is about to make a comment when the doors swing open of their own accord and the resident calls them to enter. Elenka and Drevezh'korol follow the mysterious woman, Anaerion's mentor, through the various scenic rooms to the library and the dangling rope. Drevezh'korol will boost Elenka up and offer his aid to Arianna before climbing up on his own.


• • • Elenka Danyllova • • •

[sblock=MiniStats][size=+1]Elenka[/size] Human Summoner 8
Initiative: +2 Perception: +10

AC: 16 (12 touch; 14 flat-footed)
HP: 66 Current: 54
CMB: +7 CMD: 19 Fort: +3 Ref: +4 Will: +8

In Hand: terbutje
  • 1st level: 0/5 remaining.
  • 2nd level: 0/5 remaining.
  • 3rd level: 0/3 remaining.
Summon Monster 4 7/7
Bond Senses 8/8 rounds remaining
Maker's Call (Transposition) 0/1 remaining
Rod of Extend: 2/3 remaining (3rd lv. or lower)

[size=+1]Drevezh'Korol[/size] Eidolon
Initiative: +2 Perception: +9; Darkvision 60 ft.

AC: 20 (12 touch; 18 flat-footed) See below
HP: 56 See below
CMB: +13 CMD: 25 Fort: +6 Ref: +4 Will: +5 (+9 vs. enchantment)

In Hand: slam (x2) +15 (2d6+8 +1d6 acid +1d6 fire)
Conditions:Extended Greater Magic Fang (+1/+1; 14/14 hours); Ablative Barrier (+2 AC, 22/40 pts., 8/8 hours), Shield (8/8 minutes), Evolution Surge (8/8 minutes), Unfetter (80/80 minutes)
Wearing: longarm bracers 1/3 remaining

Large Stats
Evolution Surge (Large): +8 STR, +4 CON, +2 Natural Armor, -2 DEX, -1 AC &
attack rolls, +1 CMB & CMD, -2 Fly, -4 Stealth, 10 ft. reach, STR evolution
costs double

Major Modifications:
STR: 30 +10 [32 +11 w/ belt]
DEX: 13 AC: 20, 10 touch, 19 flat-footed Current AC: 27, 11 T, 25 FF (Abl. Barrier +Shield +Haste)
CON: 17 HP: 68 Current HP: 25 [10 NL]

Attacks: Slam (x2) +17 (2d8+11); PA +15 (2d8+15) (+1/+0 haste, +1/+1 GMF)
15 ft. reach[/sblock]


First Post
Anaerion's mouth drops at the library, fascinated by the amount of books there. How he wishes he could study them all, but as his "mentor" did not stop there, Anaerion climbs into the rope trick spell, wondering why all the precautions are taking place.


First Post
Elenka and Drevezh'korol, summoner and wood man

Once she is quite finished at the Mystic Pearl and has only a few hundred gold to tide her over at whatever festival that she must soon pretend to enjoy Elenka, with Drevezh'korol quietly shuffling after, returns to stand next to the massive doors and the cheeky doorknockers while waiting for Anaerion and Arianna to return.

Drevezh'korol stares at the door and casts sidelong glances at the doorknockers.

Sold the Muleback Cords and spent most of her remaining gold on a couple of extra items: Wand of Bless Weapon & Cloak of Fangs (not that she is intending to bite anything).

• • • Elenka Danyllova • • • • • • • Drevezh'korol • • •

[sblock=MiniStats][size=+1]Elenka[/size] Human Summoner 9
Initiative: +2 Perception: +11

AC: 18 (13 touch; 16 flat-footed)
HP: 74 Current: 74
CMB: +7 CMD: 19 Fort: +5 Ref: +6 Will: +9

In Hand: empty
  • 1st level: 6/6 remaining.
  • 2nd level: 5/5 remaining.
  • 3rd level: 4/4 remaining.
Summon Monster 5 7/7
Bond Senses 9/9 rounds remaining
Maker's Call (Transposition) 1/1 remaining
Rod of Extend: 3/3 remaining (3rd lv. or lower)

[section][size=+1]Drevezh'Korol[/size] Eidolon
Initiative: +3 Perception: +10; Darkvision 60 ft.

AC: 21 (13 touch; 18 flat-footed) Current AC: 21
HP: 65 Current HP: 65
CMB: +16 CMD: 29 Fort: +6 Ref: +5 Will: +5 (+9 vs. enchantment)

In Hand: empty
Longarm bracers 3/3 remaining

[sblock=Large Evolution][section]Large Stats Not currently in effect
Evolution Surge (Large): +8 STR, +4 CON, +2 Natural Armor, -2 DEX, -1 AC &
attack rolls, +1 CMB & CMD, -2 Fly, -4 Stealth, 10 ft. reach, STR evolution
costs double

Major Modifications:
STR: 30 +10 [32 +11 w/ belt]
DEX: 15 AC: 21, 11 touch, 19 flat-footed
CON: 17 HP: 79

Modified Attacks:
Slam (x2) +19 (2d8+12)
Hooves (x2)[/section][/sblock][/section][/sblock]

Satin Knights

First Post
After a long conversation outside the prying eyesight of the world, the group returns to the main showcase room. Being a crafter of the exotic and esoteric, Mother sends the foursome, well really six souls, off to the Mystic Pearl to do their shopping for boringly standardized magical items. It takes the group a little while to do their shopping. Outside the Pearl, they find squires of the Order of the Sentinel. Inquiring, yes indeed, Anaerion, Arianna and Elenka have been invited to the grand event that seems to be the talk of the town.

Returning to Mother's home, the knockers, knowing full well that they were returning, they skip the cheeky comments and let them in immediately. Finding Mother in the showcase room reading a book, "Now that we got those sundry things out of the way, we can get to crafting a truly exquisite piece." The doors close. Mother rolls her eyes and grabs a big basket of fruit that has a couple wine skins piled on top. With just a nod of her head, she beckons the group to follow her once again into the forest mural. Following, the forest path has not changed. It once again leads to a small library study room, which interestingly wasn't visible in the mural outside.

-~*~-~*~-~*~-~*~-~*~- More via PMs -~*~-~*~-~*~-~*~-~*~-

Just a moment later, Elenka, Drev and Arianna return, being led out by Mother. "Crafting for arcanists such as yourselves is quite tricky. An awakened item is very particular about who it associates with, and they tend to get quite jealous. With a summoner, your bond to eidolons is so strong that the item feels like it is a third wheel. Both and eidolon and an awakened item, if it is not the center of attention, it gets quite cranky. Having to never sleep, and being able spend all of one's focus to craft plots, they can get quite vicious. That is why so few bondings of this nature for summoners have been successful in the long run. On the other hand, wizards like Anaerion need that constant companionship. That is why Malkovian and Anaerion get along so well."

Anaerion walks out of the mural, carrying the nearly empty basket of fruit. What is left has quite wilted and looks unappetizing for anything other than an otyugh. "You've been here all week?"

Mother giggles. "Don't worry about it. You're ready."


First Post
Anaerion's hair had grown longer in the week he was in the mural. However, the amount of spell knowledge that he crammed in that week more than made up for it. "I am." It seems that a little bit of the timidness that was once in his voice seemed to have faded away.

Malkovian pipes up "Indeed he is! For a long time he was sitting there, muttering to himself. I learned a few things myself! But, it is time to go. We're going to be late to the party otherwise."

Anaerion nods. "Indeed. Elenka, Drev, Arianna, is everything in order for you? If so, let us get going."

[sblock=Added Spells]
Here are the final spells that are getting added:

Expeditious Retreat
Hold Portal

False Life
Scorching Ray
Frigid Touch
Gust of Wind
Protection from Arrows
Protection from Evil, Communal

Spiked Pit
Stinking Cloud
Magic Weapon, Greater

Detect Scrying
Globe of Invulerability, Lesser
Telekinetic Charge

Wall of Stone

Anaerion also found time to put Enervation into his ring of counter spells.

Satin Knights

First Post
"Just a moment. Until later then Teq..." Arianna leans back on her tail and gets a bit of balance before dismissing her eidolon. She spends the next few minutes brushing out her hair, adjusting her jewelry, switching her magical sleeves between outfits, never satisfied with which gown is most impressive, and general primping. Sitting down, she pulls out a fishtail boot and straps it on. "I am not used to traveling without him. Haven't worn this in a while, but it protects the fins." Since the crutches don't go well with her gown, she forgoes them for them moment, even though it will slow her down a bit more. Casting mage armor, "Never go out without it." Splashing on a bit of perfume, a few minutes turns into twenty, but she finally says "Ready."

Elenka does some last minute primping as well, since she was waiting anyways. With the girls concentrating on looking good, the spell that had Drev here does indeed turn out to be temporary. As the great treant is not as threatening as Teq appears to be, she uses her ritual to bring him back properly.

Reading the invitation carefully, the runes provide coordinates to help ensure accuracy in the teleport. Making sure all are holding on to him, Anaerion teleports the group to their destination.

[sblock=ooc]And they are off to Allbright's Shadow.[/sblock]