Spelljammer Who Are The Astral Elves (Todd Kendrick Spelljammer interview)

Basically their a cross between the Vulcans/Romulans/Mintokians, Elves,
and Aasimar. I think they got buffed, some kind of could make it out teleport, divine cantrips, and they can borrow memories (skill) from the Astral Plane itself during a short rest. And dispite living in the Astral Plane, they some how still have an interstellar empire (maybe they partner with other Elven races for this?). Is it just me or do they still feel more like a Planescape race then Spelljammer?

I mean they hang out in the Astral Sea to be closer to their Gods.

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Well, that completely doesn’t fit my homebrew world (elves are from the Realm of Dreams, they are the daydreams of deities and don’t worship gods). I’ll probably leave the mechanics, though and the astral elves will more than likely gone on a philosophical pilgrimage (Spock), not a spiritual pilgrimage (Romulans).

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