Spelljammer Who Are The Astral Elves (Todd Kendrick Spelljammer interview)


I would honestly like at least one faction to use a more stereotypical spaceship just for the contrast with the flying galleons out there.
I hope the space elves have death star so I can blow it up next to their heaven.
The Death Star belongs to the beholders. (Or was it the scro and it just looked like a beholder?)

On elvin ships, you should see the Armada carrier - looks like a giant moth.

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8 Ball - Chances are low.
I dunno. In the video it made a point of saying that #notallelves were part of or agreed with the elven empire, which looks to me like they're leaving themselves some wriggle room to have both an evil elf empire and non-evil elf PCs. And purely judging from the cover art and miniatures, my guess is that an elf is the main villain for the adventure.
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