Who Are The Biggest TTRPG Crowdfunders of All Time?


We know who's in the million dollar TTRPG club, but who has grossest the most of all the TTRPG crowdfunders? I decided to find out!

The difficulty is separating out boardgame companies who have also made a TTRPG. Boardgames, and indeed miniature creators, are a much bigger market than TTRPGs, so those creators have much higher crowdfunding totals. Monolithic, for example has made nearly $20M on boardgames but has one TTRPG in there too. I have included them, but TTRPG-only companies are in bold for those who want to make the distinction. Others, like Catalyst Game Labs or Renegade Game Studios, do produce RPGs but have only (so far) made boardgames and miniatures games via crowdfunding. Generally below I've tried to look at each and see if it makes the majority of its funding by TTRPGs; if so it's in bold.

Magpie Games looks like it's the leader of the pack when it comes to TTRPG companies (as opposed to boardgame companies who also made one TTRPG), with Monte Cook Games very close behind.

I may have missed some. If so, let me know! Note that this list is Kickstarter only. There are other platforms, and some of these creators appear on more than one of them.

Position (overall)Position (mainly TTRPGs)CreatorTTRPGs Known ForTotal Funding
1Steamforged GamesEpic Encounters, Bardsung$31,780,647 USD
2Monolithic Board GamesBatman: Gotham City Chronicles$19,415,452 USD
3Mantic GamesHellboy$11,036,009 USD
41Magpie GamesAvatar Legends, Root, Urban Shadows$10,333,950 USD
52Monte Cook GamesNumenera, Cypher$9,814,569 USD
63Richard Thomas (Onxy Path)Chronicles of Darkness, Pugmire$7,497,693 USD
74Hit Point PressHumblewood, 3PP D&D Books$7,167,718 USD
85Kobold Press3PP D&D Books$6,671,989 USD
96Free League*The One Ring, Tales from the Loop$6,297,644 USD
10Dragori GamesTanares$6,022,675 USD
117Matt Colville (MCDM)Strongholds & Followers$5,578,267 USD
12Greater Than GamesSentinel Comics: The RPG$4,798,473 USD
138Shane Hensley (Pinnacle)Savage Worlds$4,500,145 USD
149Fria Ligan (separate to Free League)*Twilight 2000, Forbidden Lands$4,193,206 USD
1510Exalted FuneralMonty Python$4,161,802 USD
1611Goodman GamesDungeon Crawl Classics$3,615,727 USD
1712Ghostfire GamingGrim Hollow, Arora$3,615,442 USD
1813Privateer PressIron Kingdoms$3,192,760 USD
19Chris Birch (Modiphius)Star Trek, Dune, Fallout$2,953,405 USD
2014Jim Searcy (Studio Agate)Esteren$2,923,720 USD
2115MorrusLevel Up: A5E, WOIN$2,810,234 USD
2216Loot TavernHeliana's Guide$2,729,246 USD
2317MonkeyDMSteinhart's Guide$2,692,698 USD
2418EldermancySeeker's Guide to Twisted Taverns$2,496,478 USD
2519Nord GamesUltimate Guide to Foraging$2,317,051 USD

*No I don't know why Free League has two Kickstarter accounts. Ask them! But combined they'd be at #4 overall and #1 for TTRPGs.

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New Publisher
Well, it's not low, it's very, very, very high! #18 out of thousands.

Bear in mind also this is just crowdfunding. Modiphius, for example, probably makes ten times that amount on games that aren't crowdfunded, like Star Trek and Dune.
thousands of campaigns you say? Who knew?


Well, that was fun
Staff member
thousands of campaigns you say? Who knew?
That there have been thousands of Kickstarters? I think it's like half a million or so last I checked. Not sure how many of those are tabletop -- there were 4000 during 2022 IIRC, so we're probably talking several tens of thousand, of which Privateer is #18.


That is really interesting, thank you! Why have you separated out Free League and Fria Ligan? They are the same company, with the same name - just in two different languages!

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