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Who brings food? The GM or the Players?

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Expert Long Rester
Watermelon is definitely my #1 Draft Pick for "Food that I get, and I'm all like 'THIS IS SO AWESOME, I NEED TO EAT THIS EVERY DAY, YUM YUM YUM' but then I don't, because it's hard to cut it up, and can be messy, and I forget, and its no longer in season until next year, and the cycle repeats."
True, and yet I still can't bring myself to spend the extra money on pre cut watermelon.


Expert Long Rester
I've bought the pre cut, and then curse myself for spending 3 times as much on half the portion, that's usually not as fresh besides.

Vow not to do it again -
Rinse, repeat.
The ideal scenario is to buy the whole watermelon then get someone else to deal with the mess. :cool:


We sort our own food out If you want food you bring some, if you don't want any you don't bring any. If you want a full meal eat it before the session starts, don't interrupt our game with your takeaway. (our sessions are typically from 7.30pm to around midnight).

I have to be careful about my weight, so I dislike it when there's a constantly replenished table full of snacks for everyone to help themselves to. It's hard to resist when everyone else is digging in... so I prefer it when people are expected to sort themselves out for food.

And as DM, all I ask is that someone makes me a cup of tea once every couple of hours or so.
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Victoria Rules
Who brings the food? Whoever wants to eat it.

Problem is, of 5 people at my table (including me) 3 (not including me) think game night is a fine excuse to bust out the cheese and meat and other assorted fancy snacks...and wine; leading to my game sometimes being referred to not as D&D but as "F&F", for Feasts and Foodies.

And there's little point in having a game board (or battlemat) if you can't see most of it under all the food. :)


Mod Squad
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I've bought the pre cut, and then curse myself for spending 3 times as much on half the portion, that's usually not as fresh besides.
Between a subway stop and my workplace, there is a Whole Foods market. This is a busy downtown area, with lots of commuters getting to work. So, the market has a really remakrable turnover rate on items that are common for breakfast or lunch. They are restocking that pre-cut watermelon several times a day. Find yourself the equivalent, and you are set.

John Dallman

I'm host most of the time, and provide snack food - chocolate, cookies, crisps, etc. Anyone is welcome to bring more.

For the weekly evening session, we order delivery, and people pay for their own meals. There isn't time for me to cook.

For the monthly afternoon sessions, I provide lunch - soup, sandwiches and desert.

I make it clear that unless otherwise arranged, each player is responsible for their own snacks and food. That said, it rarely happens that we don't arrange to order pizza, subs, or somebody volunteers to cook something, or we just break for dinner and say, "everybody is on their own to go get food". I would expect everyone to contribute at least a couple nominal bucks to group efforts to obtain food. Nobody should be too proud to say they can't afford to be paying extra for food and snacks if they genuinely can't afford it, such as if the group decides to order pizza. Some people can't afford the books or their own dice either. No problem. We can work with that. Just don't be a freeloader, and unless somebody says they're going to provide food you have no reason to expect anyone to feed you.


< BLAH HA Ha ha >
We always had a "Bring Your Own Food, Snacks and Drinks".

And if we knew if was going to be a long session, we would agree ahead of time if we are going to be ordering food (pizza, burgers).

Each would pay for their share of the food.

The idea of having the host always provide the food/drinks, or having the DM always getting free food/drinks, etc. is not a consideration for my group.

Especially when for logistical reasons we have our session at the same place (not fair for the hosts to have to clean and pay for food/drinks).

And if the host is also the DM, add game prep time to that...

Then if we played at our local gaming store, they as hosts will NOT cover our food/drinks. Sure they will sell chips and pop to us...


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Who brings what is entirely unconnected to who is running the game that night, and there is no set system, but generally we just all pitch in on something or we all get dinner beforehand, or if we have the day to hang out and play, we will sometimes cook after a group grocery trip.

aramis erak

I've seen it run both ways, with GMs sometimes taking on hosting duties ("Thank you so much for coming to my home! Have some pulled pork.") and other times expecting snacks to be heaped upon their GM throne ("If you're going to come to my house, you're going to contribute to the snack fund.") Those are two very different attitudes, and it can lead to etiquette confusion when you move between groups.

My question to the board: How does your group play it? And more importantly, how do you convey that information to the rest of the group? Do you make a formal point of it in Session Zero, or just assume that everyone will pick up on subtext?
Each person is responsible for their own snacks, but if they want to share...


World Traveller
If somebody is cooking, or stocking drinks like sodas, etc it falls to the host in my group. I.e. whoever's house it is. This is often, but not always, the person who is the GM.

If we order takeout as opposed to cooking, then we usually take turns on who pays. I do have a Bring Your Own Beer policy however. Buying beer every week can get expensive and I don't think its too much to ask everybody to bring a six-pack if they want it. (My players don't either.)


Before life forced us to play online, everyone brought and shared food and drink. Typically, the host provided the loin's share of the "meal" that night. If an actual meal was going to be made, people would either bring ingredients or help pay for them. Everyone also would usually bring something small that was their personal snack.

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