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D&D General Who is this?

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Perennial satirical parliamentary candidate Lord Buckethead of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party!


Lord of the Hidden Layer
John Travolta's character in Grease* grew up and made a cameo appearance at a cosplay convention.

* Check the hair sticking out of that helmet.

Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM

That guy has been doing heavy metal album covers since the 80s. It was a sweet gig until alternative rock and grunge ruined the scene, then guys stopped driving vans with murals painted on the side.

Anyone who knows the fiction knows why Soth is LE, and his Star Wars analogy Vader, is CE.

Soth: Always keeps his word, never strikes before his foe can ready a weapon, never ambushes from behind, acts with (twisted) honor, while adhering to a code of conduct.

Vader: Never keeps his word, foes without weapons are the best kind, 'you were unwise to lower your defenses', is totally happy with stabbing people in the back (literally at times) acts with zero honor, no code and however his rage and anger dictate.

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